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Adultery Education

Orchid. Locke can see two soldiers through the binoculars, but not Keamy. Ben is certain he must be there. Ben pulls his baton of death out of his pocket and hands it to Locke for safekeeping. Ben, very terse, tells Locke to pay attention, and then gives him instructions on how to find an elevator in the Orchid station that will take him down to where he actually needs to be in order to move the island. (But he doesn't actually tell him what to do when he gets there.) Locke's more curious about how he's supposed to get past the soldiers, but Ben tells him that he'll take care of that. Locke asks how he's going to do that, and Ben turns to him with a hurt look on his face: "How many times do I have to tell you John? I always have a plan." And then Ben walks away from Locke.

We now get a slow-motion montage set to some lovely music. Ben walks toward the soldier. Sun, still holding Aaron, emerges onto the deck of the freighter and looks back to where her husband is staring down a pile of explosives. Jack and Sawyer walk away from the chopper. Kate and Sayid march with the Others through the jungle. And then Ben walks up to the soldiers and surrenders. He tells Keamy, "My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you're looking for me?" Keamy points his gun at Ben's forehead, but settles for knocking him out. Credits. See you in two weeks for the finale.

LTG is a pension and benefits attorney in Washington, D.C., which explains why he's so mean and bitter. You can reach him at ltg.jon@gmail.com

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