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Sacrificial Ham
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If I may anthropomorphize -- this show is a college student who screwed off for two and a half years, ended up on the six-year plan, and is now hell-bent on graduating magna cum laude. With a double-major. It's not just the time travel. It's not just the island/mainland split. It's not just the juxtaposition of science and faith. It's not just the acting (which is nearly flawless in this episode). There's all this mind-blowing development and a consistent emotional resonance -- a quality that was hit or miss in the early years. When I watch the "previouslies" I start conflating it with Battlestar Galactica: "All of this has happened before. All this will happen again" and Peter Pan: "All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again." And I'm searching on terms like Eternal return. What are you trying to do to me, Show? Never mind. Let's not quibble. Just keep doing it, please.

Previously on Lost... The word previously lost all meaning. Also? Lawyer Dan "Angela Chase's father" Norton, and an associate, served Kate with a court order which requires her and Aaron to submit to blood tests. So Kate goes on the run, and runs to Sun who is in L.A. Sun tells Kate to "take care of" them. Little cardigan-in-the-tropics-wearing, garden-growing Sun. She totally means nurture, right? Sun gets a dossier on (and photos of) Jack and Ben -- from "Surveillance Data Investigations, Inc." and some gourmet chocolates and a gun a.k.a. the best Emergency P.M.S. Pack with Perks, ever -- because sometimes, regular old chocolate just won't do. So ladies, did your men come through for Valentine's Day? At the Long Beach Marina, Kate tells Jack that Ben is the undisclosed client who's trying to take Aaron from her. Jack's all, nuh uh! And Ben's all "PSYCHE!" Sun takes this all in from her car, surely planning on how she can nurture him.

Meanwhile, on Craphole Island, Charlotte collapses in a bloody heap. Locke declares that the strand-aways need to get to the Orchid and that this is all happening because they left. Meanwhile, the survivors of a shipwreck ride out a horrific storm in an octagonal life raft and find the best flotsam ever. JIN! On the beach, Jin freaks the freak out when he realizes the sweet, young French woman who rescued him is Danielle Rousseau...16 years earlier. And now you're all caught up, and it's time for the next mind-altering installment of Lost.

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