Three Minutes

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Michael asks Hurley if he's coming with them. Hurley sadly asks why he'd want to go. Because they killed Libby, duh, is Michael's response, and Kate wants Michael to lay off, but Michael won't, and asks Hurley again. "I'm sorry about Walt, dude. But I'm not coming," says Hurley. "You're sorry about --!" starts an angry Michael, but a sharp word from Kate shuts him up. Hurley glares at him, and the three of them silently continue digging.

Three days ago. Nighttime in the Others' village. Michael's inside a hut, looking the worse for having spent a week and a half as a prisoner of this bunch. Miss Klugh enters the door, and chirpily tells him that it's dinnertime, and she's carrying a package wrapped in a big tropical leaf. An exhausted Michael asks when they're going to kill him. She doesn't answer him. And in case they hadn't really considered killing him, Michael starts making a pretty good case for his execution, mainly that he's seen where they live and knows how to get there. "You have been asking me questions I don't know the answer to for a week. I don't even think my son is alive," he says. Klugh says Walt is alive, and is fact standing outside right now. "What, do you think I’m stupid?" asks Michael. Klugh discreetly doesn't answer that question, but says there's been a development since Michael came to the camp (like Michael's just visiting): "One of our people was captured by yours." Michael wearily says they should just go get him back. "We can't do that. But you can. And if you do, we'll let you and Walt go free," she says. Michael looks at her and says he wants to see his son. Klugh hesitates, so Michael turns his yelliness up to eleven and starts shouting that he wants to see Walt, and if Walt is out there to bring him in. Bring him in here right now!

Klugh slowly stands up, and stares at Michael. Lot of staring this episode. After about four hours, she calls out, "Pickett!" and then tells Michael that he has three minutes.

The door opens, and Pickett, who turns out to be the Other who was taking a leak and later took some blood from Michael's arm, brings Walt in. Walt's had a growth spurt or two, which might help account for his extended absence from the season. He's taller than Michael at this point. Michael stares at him, like even Michael can't believe how much older Malcolm David Kelley looks. Michael yells for Pickett to let Walt go, and he screams, and it's Walt who wants his dad to calm down, which he does eventually. Michael asks if he's okay, if they've hurt him, but Walt's okay: "They just make me take tests," he says. "They make you what?!" yells Michael, like Walt just said, "They beat me with rubber hoses several times a day." And Klugh is all, "We're not going to talk about that!"

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