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The less-than-fantastic four

So instead, Walt asks Michael if Vincent is okay. As cheerily as he can, which is to say not very, Michael says that Vincent is great, and misses Walt. And he cries and tells Walt not to be scared in a way that I would imagine make Walt very afraid. Walt says, "They're not who they say they are. They're pretending!" earning a sharp rebuke from Miss Klugh, who asks Walt if he wants her to put him in "the room" again. And Michael's all "pretending what?" but Klugh says they're done; Walt breaks away from Pickett to run over and hug his dad and wails for Michael to help him and not to leave, and Michael promises to get him out of there, and it's kind of scary, and then Pickett grabs Walt and drags him off, screaming for his dad. You're a little old to be behaving this way, Walt. You must have kids of your own by now. And Walt and Michael scream "I love you!" about a million times at each other until Pickett finally carries Walt out the door, slamming it shut behind them. Michael sobs for a while, before Klugh says, impassively, "After you release our man, I'm going to need you to do something else." At this point, Michael's ready to give them whatever they want. Klugh says she's writing down four names, four of his friends. "We need you to bring them here. You have to bring only these four people, Michael. Just them. If you don't bring all the people on the list, you'll never see Walt again." I'm going out on a limb here and guessing: Sun, Charlie, Claire, Rose? Michael agrees, but wants to know what he's supposed to tell them. "Doesn't matter. Make up a story. They'll be angry enough to believe whatever you say," she says. More like they'll be stupid enough to believe whatever he says. She gives him the list. "Who's 'James Ford'?" asks Michael, and Klugh says he knows James as "Sawyer," and confirms he knows the rest of them. They are: Jack Shephard, Kate Austen and Hugo Reyes. Shit, I was way off. Michael says he does and she puts the piece of paper in his breast pocket. And he's got one more condition for doing this for them. If he does what they say… "You get your son back. You both go free," she says. Michael thinks it over. "Then I want the boat," he says. Whether she agrees to this, we don't see.

Sunset on Cemetery Beach. The Lostaways -- even the extras! -- slowly make their way down the shore to the graves. Kate pats Hurley on the back, and looks over at Sawyer, who's staring at the blanket-covered body of Ana, I presume. Locke's still sitting on the beach. He looks over at the crowd gathering for the funeral. He looks back out to the ocean again, then takes out one of his big ol' Rambo knives and cuts the bandages holding the splints on his legs. He gets to his feet, and walks down the beach away from the funeral, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. He's still got a slight limp.

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