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The less-than-fantastic four

And they look at each other, and get kind of awkward, and Claire smiles and thanks him, and they're shiny, happy people for a moment, and Charlie takes the moment to start to ask if he and Claire could...but he never gets to finish that bad idea because Claire, over his shoulder, sees Michael and Jack approaches the beach. "Michael's back!" she squeals. Too bad Charlie didn't find a couple of bulletproof jackets on that pallet instead of mystery vaccine.

There's Sun and Jin on the beach, working on a fishing net. Sun glances up, and says, "Michael?" Jin glances up, and sure enough, there's Michael with Jack, strolling over. And there are four extras, down the beach aways, running towards the camera, merrily saying things like, "It's Michael!" I love the enthusiastic extras. You know they're all excited because of the two open spots in the main cast. Claire, carrying Aaron, and Charlie make their way over too, as an overjoyed Jin hugs Michael, who looks like he swallowed a spider. I really enjoyed watching Perrineau in this scene, as he seems to be realizing that he's made a choice that has changed everything, not to sound too much like an ABC preview promise. Everyone's happy to see him -- and he's just killed two of them, and no one knows it, yet. For me, it's a really interesting road to go down, and I hope Michael doesn't get killed before the rest of the Lostaways find out what happened. Anyway, Michael does his best to put on a smiling face, as he hugs Sun too; she's all smiles, until she looks a little ways away to where two blanket-covered bodies sit on the sand, Kate grimly digging a hole beside them.

Sun turns to Michael. "Who?" she says. "Ana-Lucia and Libby," he says. She asks what happened. Michael's silent for a moment, thinking about it, before finally saying, "They were murdered," he says. Well, he's not a liar, anyway. At least, not right this moment. But the way he says it, it's almost like he's being honest with himself about what he's done.

Thirteen days ago, it's night. Zeke hauls a bound, hooded Michael into a clearing where a woman sits, tending a fire. He pulls the hood off Michael's head. Michael promptly spits on him, which Zeke says is fair, because Zeke took his boy. But don't do that again, mmmkay? Michael demands to know where his boy is, figuring that also calling Zeke a "son of a bitch" can't hurt. Zeke's busy chuckling when another Other brings in a similarly hooded Kate, saying she was following her friend about half a klick behind them. Zeke warns Michael not to make a sound, or he'll never see his boy again. Michael clams up, and Zeke orders the other Others to gag Michael, and to get ready with the torches, because he's going to go talk to "her people." Do you think maybe the Others refer to the Lostaways as "the Others" too? Like how the Vietnamese refer to the Vietnam War as "the American War"? And hey, doesn't that woman tending the fire look like Alex?

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