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Anyway, her people are Jack, Locke and Sawyer, who, in fine Lostaway rescue fashion, are arguing amongst themselves, because Locke has lost Michael's trail. And we get the scene again where Zeke confronts the Three Amigos, only we can see that Michael was close by the entire time. Both he and Kate are startled by the sound of gunfire nearby, but Alex tries to assure Michael that Zeke's just delivering a message. "He just needs to scare your friends to do it," she says, as if this is in any way reassuring.

We see Zeke's "LIGHT 'EM UUUUUUP!" scene again where the Others did what had to have been a choreographed and rehearsed routine where there torches all light up in a circle, like they all have Zippos, maybe. And Zeke yells, "Bring her out, Alex!"

Back by the campfire, Alex is quite reluctant, and pleads with the other Other there to do it, and he finally agrees. He takes Kate with him, which is great for Alex, because now she gets to catch up on all the gossip. "How's Claire? Did she have the baby? Is it okay? Is it a boy or a girl?" Michael just stares at her, the way you might if you were bound and gagged and one of your captors was chatting with you like you're meeting for coffee. And also that one of the captors knows about your pregnant friend. And that you can't answer questions anyway BECAUSE YOU ARE GAGGED.

The Three Amigos relinquish their weapons and get Kate back. Over at the fire, Zeke strolls up with the sack full of the weapons and announces that Mike's friends are going home. "Gave him up," he says. He glances at Alex, gives her a look. She turns to Michael, apologizes, and then clonks him in the head with the butt of her rifle. So that's where he learned how to do that.

Today, Michael sits on the beach, petting Vincent. I hope he's not thinking about taking Eko's story too literally.

Over in Sawyer's tent, he and Jack are pulling the guns out of Sawyer's hidden box. Sawyer's got a bottle of booze too, that he shakes in Jack's direction. Jack ignores the alcohol, like it's been a long season for Matthew Fox and he just can't wait for the break so he can't even stay in character and have a drink? "Here I was thinking the Irish drink when somebody dies," says Sawyer, and he takes a swig. Jack says he's not Irish, and Sawyer smirks that neither is he. But maybe he needs the courage to ask Jack about what happened with him and Kate out in the jungle all night before they found Michael. "We were caught in a net," says Jack. Sawyer suspiciously asks what the hell that's supposed to mean, as if it isn't likely to be literally true on this island. "It means we got caught in a net," repeats Jack, and Sawyer asks if that's what they're calling it these days, as if Jack would have been able to resist letting Sawyer know he and Kate went in for a little rumpy-bumpy out there.

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