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The less-than-fantastic four

The two of them are all geared up, and as they leave the tent, Sayid's stomping over, asking if it's true that Henry's gone. Jack says it is, and Locke and Eko went out after him in the middle of the night. "But we haven't seen either of them since." Sayid notices them carrying the guns, and wants to know what they're doing. "What do you think we're doing? It's time to finish this," says Sawyer. Sayid, almost happily, asks when they leave. In the morning, says Sawyer, but Jack tells Sayid he's not coming, so Sayid stomps over to Jack and gives him a hilarious "exCUSE me?" Michael wants to keep it small, explains Jack: "Me, Kate, Hurley and him," he says, pointing at Sawyer, who says, "Yeah, well, 'him' says even though Pippi Longstocking and the damn Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the dirty dozen, I'm just going to say we might want to bring along the red beret." Jack says it's Michael's call, because he knows where they're going, like that makes any sense, and Sayid calmly says, "It is not his call, Jack. It's ours." I think Sayid means "ours" as in all of the Lostaways (or at least the main cast), not just him and Jack, or him, Jack and Sawyer. And Sawyer ends the debate by simply handing Sayid a gun and saying, "Welcome aboard."

Eko's strolling down the Swan station corridor. He notices his cross start to pull towards the magnetic wall of mystery, but he doesn't have too much time to think about what's going on, because the timer alarm starts to beep. He hustles over to the computer, and enters the numbers. The timer resets, and a slight smile creases his lips. The smile fades as Charlie strolls in, but it's not like Charlie's not used to that. "So you wake up in the middle of the night, you grab your Jesus stick, you race off into the jungle. You don't call, you don't write?" says Charlie, who's sounding like Bernard as he sits down in a chair, backwards. Maybe Eko's not so good at maintaining friendships. And also, Eko took the axe, not his Bible thumper. But Eko apologizes, as if Charlie is actually owed it, which he isn't, and says he had work to do. "Right, yeah," says an unconvinced Charlie, checking his watch, like what is up with the watch-checking this episode? Eko asks Charlie to do him a favour, and Charlie scoots forward in his chair, all excited. "I was hoping you could bring my things from the beach here," says Eko. Charlie conspiratorially asks if Eko's moving in here: "Fancy yourself a little bachelor pad?" Eko says he is indeed moving in here. Charlie's confused. "Well, what about the church? You said we were supposed to be building it together, man." Eko says simply that he's supposed to do something different now. Charlie asks what he's supposed to do. "Bring my things," says Eko. Heh. Charlie snaps that Eko should bring his own things, and then points at the timer, reminding him that the clock's ticking. Speaking of which, is this the beginning of Eko's "button is more important than ever" phase, or is this his regular button-pushing shift? Because if it's the former, does that mean that Jack has given up on the button? Because if Eko hadn't shown up with moments to spare, that timer would have counted all the way down.

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