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The less-than-fantastic four

Back on the beach, Michael's putting some food in his backpack, and Sawyer strolls up. "Got some good news for you. Captain Ay-rab's in too. Cavalry rides at sunrise. I've got plenty of supplies and have spent the past few hours jotting down enough nicknames for everybody so that I never have to call you the same thing twice." Michael's less than thrilled that Sawyer told Sayid about the sortie. "Oh, well, I'm sorry. I just figure if we're going to war, we'd want the one guy who's actually been in a war! That a problem?" snaps Sawyer. Michael FINALLY seems to think about how his behaviour might be considered strange, and mumbles that it's not a problem. "Well, all right then," says Sawyer, who usually is able to think up more witty exit lines than that. Michael glares holes in his back. That means it is a problem!

And eleven days ago, Zeke was asking a forced-marching Michael the exact same question about having a problem, while there's a whole long Other convoy, and Michael says they've marched him day and night without any rest, so his problem is that he's tired. "Well, I'd offer to knock you out and carry you, but we're here," says Zeke. "Here" is a lovely little seaside community, marked by a large stone wall, it looks like, with a window. Maybe the remains of an old stone house or fortress? Whatever it is, it's clearly the huge rocks with the hole in the middle that Walt told Michael about, and it's true that Michael couldn’t miss it, especially as he went and got himself captured and marched right past it. Michael stares at it a moment before being hurried along, into the Others' quaint little town of canvas-covered raggedy tents and huts, populated by people dressed in rags. We pass by what look like Dharma hatch doors, guarded by two dudes with rifles, like Michael said earlier, and the Dharma logo looks like it has a rectangle on it, or something. Michael also gawks at some people with fishing nets, who look at him all, "Oh great. Tourist season."

Zeke orders the procession to sit Michael down over by a hut, which they do, roughly, and Zeke says to Alex, "Tell her we're here." She scampers off.

The first Other crouches down by Michael and says, "I can't promise this won't hurt," which is not something one wishes to hear from a captor, and then he pokes a needle into Michael's arm. Michael yelps, and the Other tells him relax, that he's just taking some blood, so don't pussy out, you pussy. "Taking some blood for what? Who are you people? Where's my son?" The Other ignores this, and then drops the filled syringe into a Baggie, because it really looks like they care about the sterile conditions around this Rwanda place here. "That's it, all done. See you in the funny pages," he says, as he twenty-three skidoos right out of there, passing a woman strolling up. Presumably, this is "her."

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