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She says hello, and Michael rudely ignores this and just asks where his son is. "My name is Miss Klugh," she says, like maybe she didn't hear the question. And she's got questions of her own, about Walt, as she squats down in front of Michael. Questions like: is he your biological son? How old was he when he started speaking? Did he have any illnesses growing up? Headaches? Fainting spells? And the only question Michael is able to answer during the barrage is that he is Walt's real father. Me, I'm fascinated by Miss Klugh. I think she's beautiful. Maybe that's what's got Michael flustered. He hasn't gotten any since, well, since Sun and Jin worked things out, I imagine. He finally just snaps and says he wasn't there, that Walt was halfway around the world. Miss Klugh ignores him to ask if Walt ever appeared in a place he wasn't supposed to be. "You say he was halfway around the world -- but did you see him?" Michael doesn't have an answer for that, but maybe Shannon and Sayid do, and Michael just starts yelling that he wants to see his son. Miss Klugh keeps doing this thing where she cocks her head and apprises Michael. It's kind of unnerving. "For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him, Michael," she says. Michael has no response to this as Miss Klugh stands up, but come on. Like he should care what they think. Your people took my boy from me during a violent kidnapping at sea, but it really cuts me that you think I'm a bad father. Another explanation, a better one, is that maybe Michael's wondering if whether he sees Walt again depends on his spotty knowledge of him.

Today, Sayid's getting his pack ready on the beach, and Michael strolls up and gets right to it: "You're not coming," he says. Sayid looks almost amused as he says, "Welcome back, Michael." Michael repeats that Sayid's not coming, and Sayid calmly asks why. "Because you're going after the guy that escaped. And I'm going after my son." It's not a bad line of thinking. But since Michael wasn't around for any of the Sayid/Henry business, it's kind of bullshit. You can argue that Michael thinks Sayid wants revenge for Shannon, but in that case, Michael would think Sayid would be going after every motherfucker in the Others' village, not just Henry. Anyway, Sayid's slightly insulted at the implication that he would let a desire for revenge compromise Walt's safety. "I'm implying that I decide who stays, and who goes. And you stay!" yells Michael. Sayid just stares at him, and Michael eventually softens, and says he knows Sayid wants to help, but he's got to do this his way. Sayid looks at him for a moment, before agreeing, and wishing him luck. Given how smart and skeptical Sayid is, I didn't believe this acquiescence for a second. But Michael seems to, and he thanks Sayid and walks away.

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