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The End. With Questions.
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A glass of ice is being nervously tapped on an Oceanic Air armrest, which I am sure the other first-class patrons just love. A fully-bearded Jack swigs, chugs, and asks for another. The stewardess tells him no because they are landing in 20 minutes. He points out that 20 minutes is a long time, and she still says no and offers him a newspaper instead. Jack's beard is really nasty and vaguely pubic. I really hope it's fake and that those are not the sorts of hairs that grow naturally out of Matthew Fox's face. The plane bumps and jolts and the captain asks them to buckle their seatbelts. As Grizzly Jack complies, he notices an article in the newspaper the stewardess handed him. He grabs the paper off the seat and reads an article looking more and more upset. He gently tears the article out. Soon he's landed and is driving a Jeep that he oddly chooses to park on a bridge. He pulls the article out of his pocket, leans his head against the steering wheel, and cries. If you had any doubts prior to this, let it hereby be known that Grizzly Jack is a sensitive man. He is in touch with his emotions. He probably eats quiche. Jack pulls out his phone and calls someone, even though it appears to be the middle of the night. He says, "Hi, it's me. I...uh. I just read..." He can't get any more words out and shuts the phone. He has apparently seen It's a Wonderful Life a few too many times, because he climbs out of his car and clambers up on to the bridge railing. He studies the drop, mutters "Forgive me" to the night air, and is about to make himself a pancake (mmm...pancakes) when a kindly angel tells him not to. Well, just substitute "kindly angel" for "enormously loud fiery car crash" and "tells him not to" with "interrupts his planned suicide." He looks at the crash, sighs at the distraction, and turns away from death and walks over to the crash. Don't you hate it when heroic acts interfere with your plans for an easy suicide?

At the beach camp, the Losties are hurriedly packing for their flight into the jungle. At the water trough, Jack and Kate make some serious eye contact that makes Kate blush and glance at Sawyer, who hasn't noticed a thing. He is undoubtedly a bit distracted from his ersatz love triangle what with killing a man with his bare hands so recently and all. Jack goes to Sayid and asks him if he has everything he needs. Sayid flicks him in the head and says, "Uh, duh, of course not. But I will make do because 1) we have no choice and 2) I am Sayid." Jack asks about Bernard and Jin, and Sayid reassures him that they are both excellent shots and "highly motivated." I guess that Successories poster he put in the canteen worked wonders! Sayid continues, "The dynamite is in place and we will not miss." He then looks closely at Jack and makes him promise that whatever happens on the beach, he will keep them all moving to the radio tower. He is wiling to sacrifice his life if it means rescue, but he is not giving it up for nothing. Jack understands. The two shake hands, exchange good lucks, and Jack walks off.

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