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Hurley is determined to jumpstart the van by driving it down the hill and popping the clutch. Sawyer is still drunk-dude impressed but just wants to watch, especially after noting the giant rocks at the bottom of the hill. Hurley says he's going to do it and just needs a push. Charlie decides to ride shotgun and gives a shout-out to the "victory or death" speech that Hurley delivered on the beach. And I am so glad that I am a girl and don't have to do such things to prove my manly manliness. Sawyer and Jin push them down the hill. They careen faster and faster, Hurley chants "there is no curse, there is no curse," and just before they hit the rocks, the van starts. I am shocked. Shocked! The 8-track starts up too. Thank God for the tunes; this next scene would be intolerable without a '70s soundtrack. Well, it's intolerable anyway, but the music makes it slightly less so. The boys all pile in the car (with the flesh-eating dog, of course!) and drive in circles for awhile, listening to tunes, drinking, driving, bonding.

In a dialogue-free montage, Jin heads back to Sun with a flower and his newfound English skills. She gives him a bear hug when he tells her that those pants don't make her look fat. Charlie crashes in Claire's tent. Hurley drives his van in circles. Sawyer brings himself some beer. But really, beer without porn? What is the point? Sawyer mulls it over.

Meanwhile, Kate is by herself in the woods. Right. Kate. Oh yeah, plot movement. She finds something and peers around in the dark, ducking when she hears a noise. It's Sayid and Locke. They want to know why she didn't ask them for help, and she gives them two reasons: they didn't know where to look, and they lacked motivation. Huh. She doesn't blame them, though. Why would they want to truck across the island and risk more lives? And she knows they aren't motivated because they didn't come after the three of them when they were taken. Locke agrees about the motivation, but tells her they do know where to look because of the way the sunlight hit Mr. Eko's stick when John was burying him. Oh, yeah. Because that always works. That's how I got out of my last lease and my last relationship. Just as Kate is about to tell them what she's looking for, bullets fly past their heads. Kate tells them not to shoot, and yells into the woods that it's safe and they're just there to talk. Rousseau, who shoots first and asks questions later, emerges from the woods. Kate wants her to help them. Why? Because when The Others captured them, the girl who helped them escape was sixteen years old and named Alex, and Kate is pretty darn sure that she's Rousseau's daughter. Rousseau looks suitably impressed. But that's all the story progress we have time for this week, kids. Tune in next week, when something might actually happen!

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