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So glad to have you back, Michael
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We pick up right where we left off, with Jack and Kate trying to revive an unconscious Michael, who maybe has realized that he can sleep through the first fifty-five minutes or so of an episode and then just catch the last few minutes. Jack jumps up to suspiciously look all around the jungle, because he doesn't believe the Others just let Michael go. So Kate yells at him because she thinks it's obvious Michael escaped, and Jack relents and puts Michael over his shoulder, and Kate doesn't argue that she's just as qualified to carry Michael as Jack is. So thank god for that.

Ana-Lucia's in the Dharma station kitchen, preparing some dinner or some such. She glances at the armoury door, thinking, Will we ever see more than a couple of minutes' of plot advancement in an episode?

We flashback to Officer Ana-Lucia and her partner pulling in to the police station. Her partner says toodle-oo, and apparently Ana-Lucia's mom, Capt. Foxy, has been skulking around the parking lot waiting for her, because she's all of a sudden just right there. She demands to know what Ana did last night. Ana: "Here is my vague, completely unsubstantiatable generic alibi, and you'd think as a cop I'd be smart enough to at least check the TV guide so I could identify a television show I allegedly watched last night." Capt. Foxy wants to go for a ride. And when your commanding officer is also your mom, you really don't get to say no.

Are they going to a little bistro to have mojitos and reconnect as mother and daughter? Is it to a movie like the The Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Travelling Fried Green Tomatoes? Is it for a long walk in the park while Ana-Lucia tells her mom about the man in her life?

Well, close. At the morgue, Capt. Foxy pulls the sheet back from the guy Ana-Lucia aerated; he was found in the parking lot that morning, the gun nearby, registration number filed off, no prints. "Any idea who did it?" asks Ana, about as convincing as a six-year-old with chocolate on his face claiming he didn't sneak any Chips Ahoy. Her mom says Ana did it. I so want to be interrogated by Capt. Foxy. I'd fold so fast… "Guess I should get a lawyer," mutters Ana, and her mom is all, "I can help you!" And also, "You're an officer of the law!" Well, sure. In Los Angeles. So Ana quits, handing her badge over to her mother. This is a bad thing, her quitting? She's a vigilante!

Back to the Dharma hatch: Ana opens the door to the armoury. She sees Henry hasn't eaten the bowl of fruit in front of him. She asks how long he's going to keep up with the hunger strike. I believe Eddie Vedder said it best: "I'm going hun-gray…" Or maybe it was Chris Cornell: "Goin' hungreeee-EEEEE-eeee." Ana asks if she ever told him she was a cop. Only about eight billion times, Ana. She says she's been around a lot of killers in her life. "Know what surprises me most about 'em?" she asks. Henry doesn't answer. But that's her point. "They love to talk." But Henry's different. Quiet.

He mutters something, and she doesn't catch it, so like an idiot, she leans in real close and says that if he's going to say something, he'll have to speak up. Or punch her right in la bonza, which he does, and manages, despite having tied hands, to grab her around the neck. "You killed two of us. Good people who were leaving you alone," he says, throwing her against a wall. "You're the killer, Ana-Lucia," he snarls. So she did tell him about her time as a cop. Henry manages to get on top of her, still choking her, until he's conked over the head by Locke's crutch. Henry collapses, and Ana-Lucia scrambles to a sitting position, catches her breath. "I guess he decided to start talking, huh," he says wryly.

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