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So glad to have you back, Michael

Oh, and regarding the "ad" for the Hanso Foundation during the commercial break? Up yours, ABC. Commercials are when I take a leak. Don't try to trick me into watching the ads between the ACTUAL SHOW.

We come back to a flashback, and it's Jack's scene where he pleads with the ticket agent about getting him and his dad on the plane as soon as possible, and now we see that in addition to Jin standing in line, Ana-Lucia was there too. And there's Greedo, shooting first! Ana glares at Jack, who doesn't even need to shoot new scenes to horn in on her flashback. But Jack's talk about his dad has Ana reflecting, and she pulls out her cell phone.

She tells her mom -- we don't know it's her mom yet, but who else is it going to be? -- that she's in Sydney, and her mom shows off her amazing geographical knowledge by apparently locating Sydney in Australia. I think Rodriguez does the best she can with a phone scene where we don't even get to hear the other end of the conversation, but it's still not the most interesting thing to watch, even if Ana admits that she ran away because Mama knew what she did. "But now…I wanna come home, Mama." Now we get a shot of Capt. Foxy, who tells her to come home. Ana gives her the flight number. Capt. Foxy writes it down, and I half expected her to pass it onto to a couple of uniforms and order them to pick her up. But Capt. Foxy is at home, in her civvies. "I'll be there when you land, [Spanish word I didn't recognize that sounds like it was a term of endearment]," she says, and Ana hangs up.

Back in the bunker, Ana's sitting outside the bunker, playing with her gun. A groggy Michael strolls in, wants to know where everyone is. Ana tells him that what he said got everyone all worked up, and they went to get the guns from Sawyer, and it comes as a surprise to Michael that Sawyer has them all. "Long story," says Ana, even though it really isn't. And it's not like Ana has anywhere to go.

He sits down, and notes that Sawyer didn't get Ana's gun. "Yeah. Too bad I can't use it," she says. He asks what she wants to use it for, and she explains that they caught one of the Others, and that he's locked up in the armoury. Michael's expression of surprise, given what happens in a few moments, appears quite genuine. "He tried to kill me today. So I wanted him dead," she says. She's not looking at Michael, which is too bad, because Harold Perrineau has such an expressive face -- it's too bad he's been barely on the show this season, and when he has been, it's mostly been about yelling, "Waaaaaalt!" I'd forgotten what a good actor he is. Anyway, Ana is all crying about how she couldn't shoot Henry. "I looked at him, and he…I can't do this anymore," she whispers. Shoot people? Add Ana to the list of people cured by the island, I guess. It cures paralyzed legs, infertility, cancer -- homicidal tendencies? Michael strolls over to the armoury door and thinks about it for a moment. "Then let me do it," he says. Ana looks at him. He squats down beside her. "They're animals. I've seen these people, and they are animals," he spits. "They took my son, right out of my hands, they took my son, and -- I'll do it. Give me the gun. I'll kill him." Ana finally gives him the gun, and the combination on the armoury door. And I don't know about you, but it's kinda comforting to know she's not completely cured of her murderous capabilities, you know? If we can't believe in that, what hope is there?

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