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So glad to have you back, Michael

Down the hatch, Locke is examining the ceiling from whence the blast doors came down. On his crutches, he hobbles over to the armoury door and twirls the combination lock. He opens the door. Henry is sitting cross-legged on the floor, trussed up again. He doesn't even look up as Locke enters, just quietly says, "If you've come to apologize, I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch." He glances up and adds, "I'm so glad my head didn't break it." Locke wants to know what Henry tried to hurt Ana, but not him. Henry plays dumb, and Locke says Henry could have crushed his skull when he was trapped under the blast doors. "Because you're one of the good ones, John," says Henry. Locke doesn't look flattered so much as confused. But Henry doesn't explain, he just tonelessly explains that Jack's gone to make a trade, and he'll come back empty-handed, so Henry will lose his value and either Jack will kill him or the Others will find out where he's being held and they'll do it. "Why would your own people want to kill you?" asks Locke. "Because the man in charge -- he's a great man, John, a brilliant man. But he's not a forgiving man. He'll kill me because I failed, John. I failed my mission." Locke asks what the mission was. Henry: "When that woman caught me in her trap, I was on my way here, John. I was coming for you."

Locke's stunned, but before he can react, he hears Jack and Kate yelling his name, and he sees them dragging a still unconscious Michael into the bunker. A spooked Locke scrambles out of the armoury, and slams the door shut.

Sawyer's in the jungle, standing on a tree trunk, using a big stick to knock fruit off the upper branches. Ana-Lucia strolls up, picks up a mango. Sawyer snaps at her to keep her damn hands off his mangos because he's been knocking those things down for a whole twenty minutes, which has to be some kind of physical-labour record for Sawyer. "Didn't figure you for the fruit-pickin' type," says Ana-Lucia, whatever that's supposed to mean. Sawyer asks what she wants. "I need a gun," she says. He snarls that she should ask her buddy Jack for his gun, but oh yeah, he's busy traipsing around the jungle with Kate. Ana-Lucia tells Sawyer if he's upset that Jack is "making time with your girl," not to take it out on her. "Makin' time with your girl"? This island is a time-warp back to the '50s? Sawyer tells her to scram. I mean, he actually uses the word "scram," and then he says, "You heard me now, git!" Like Farmer Sawyer is chasing the crows out of the corn field. Ana-Lucia looks at him for a moment, sighs slightly, and walks away.

Ana-Lucia wakes up in a hotel room, at 3:51 AM. Time for her 3:51 drink! She grabs a bottle and a glass (a glass? Whatever, Ana-Lucia) and strolls over to glare at the Sydney skyline. Stupid skyline. The skyline remains standing. She sips her drink, and there's a pounding on her door, and we hear the muffled yells of Dr. Christian McGillicuddy telling her to open the damn door. She does, after wrapping a robe around herself. Hilariously, he says, "Oh good, you're up." Hee! Anyway, it's time for that protection duty he hired her for, or whatever sick arrangement this is, back in the airport bar. "After four days of drinking and doing nothing, now, in the middle of the night, you're ready to go?" asks Ana, which suggests to me that Ana-Lucia never went to university. Anyway, Jack Daddy tells her it's time to go. "Fate is calling, Sarah." He turns to go staggering down the hallway.

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