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So glad to have you back, Michael

It's pouring rain, naturally, as their car glides down a residential street, Patsy Cline providing the soundtrack. Christian tells her to pull over, that this is it. Ana-Lucia sarcastically asks if he needs protection for the suburbs. He doesn't even appear to need that, as he tells her to stay in the car.

Ana watches as he gets out, and walks up to the front door of a house and pound on it until the door's opened by a woman. We can't really make out the conversation until voices are raised, with Christian yelling, "She's my daughter and I have every right to see her!" "No, you don't have a right, now get out!" is the woman's response, in an Australian accent. Some pushing and shoving ensues, so Ana hops out of the car to go save Christian from his apparent baby mama, and he's yelling about how he pays the mortgage on the house, and something about his daughter again, and as Ana drags him away, the woman yells at him to never come back. "I was just having a conversation with the lady!" Christian yells at Ana, like, isn't this what he's paying her for?

Sayid's…trying to…dig something? On the beach? No idea. Hurley strolls up and says, "Dude. Nice hole." So this is going to be one of those quirky Hurley scenes where everybody can get up and get a sandwich, go to the bathroom. Hurley rambles on about the radio they made. "I was thinking maybe I could get it to play some music. You know, for Libby." Sayid reminds him that it only worked once, and just for a minute, and he has tried several times to get it to work, to no avail. Hurley's undeterred: "Here's the thing: even that? Would be good. Because then Libby would be like, 'It's the thought that counts,' and I'll score major points, especially when she sees me holding it over my head." Unsurprisingly, at least to anybody but Hurley, his Lloyd Dobler fantasy is completely lost on Sayid, who asks, "And why would you want to hold a static-generating radio over your head?" Hurley is genuinely shocked that "they didn't have Say Anything in Baghdad." Gimme a break, Hurley. So he explains the whole iconic scene to Sayid, who seems largely unimpressed. But he decides to help Hurley impress Libby, and tells him that there's a beautiful beach three kilometers from here. "You think she'd like that?" asks Hurley. More than a static-generating radio? Probably. "I took Shannon there once," says Sayid, and he goes back to digging. He says that like it wasn't, what, last week?

Over at Dharma station, Jack is trying to get an unconscious Michael to wake up. Locke hobbles in on his crutches. "So it worked?" he says. He still thinks they got Michael back in Jack's plan to trade Henry to the Others. "They didn't give us anything," snaps Jack. Locke's skeptical that it was a coincidence that Michael just came running out of the woods, but Jack says it was because he was shouting and Michael heard his voice. He asks Locke if he thinks the Others just let Michael go, in the hopes the Lostaways would keep up their end of the bargain. "You think they're on the honour system," snaps Jack, like, don't take it out on Locke because your retarded plan didn't work. Kate strolls in, and says hey, and Locke hobbles away again, whatever that's about.

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