Two For The Road

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So glad to have you back, Michael

Ana tries to stop Christian by telling him they should just get out of Sydney, they should just go back. "You can never go back," says Christian, adding, "See ya, kiddo," before slamming the car door and sauntering off into "Cocktail Bar."

Back on Craphole Island, Ana-Lucia's getting dressed and notices Sawyer watching her. "Don't you want my phone number?" he says. She's not in the mood for jokes. "You tell anybody about this? I'll kill you," she says. God, does that take me back to my dating days. "Guess that takes cuddling off the table," says Sawyer, as Ana-Lucia strolls away without even asking if he's got any RU-486 in his stash.

Hurley's raiding a shelf of Dharma food on the beach, just grabbing cans and bags of food and stuffing them in his bag, which raises a lot of questions for me about whether the Lostaways are even bothering to ration or if they just presume there'll be a pallet of food in the jungle every couple of months or so. Anyway, he's startled by Libby, who's smiling at him, and he stammers that this isn't what it looks like. She thinks he's embarrassed to be seen going after the food again ("Hurley, I'm not here to tell you how to act around food"), while he's more worried about blowing the picnic surprise. Which he blows himself, by saying, "I was packing a picnic, 'cause I was kinda hoping that you'd wanna go with me, you know, as a 'us' thing." She smiles. "But it was a surprise," he finishes. She tells him that it's very sweet, and it sounds like she's going to torpedo the sweetness with a "just friends" addendum, almost, but he asks if she wants to go, and she asks where, and he asks if that part can still be a surprise. She says yes, and strokes his hair. But don't forget, this is all in his mind.

Down the hatch, Jack's washing dishes or surgical tools or whatever it is that Jack does, and Ana-Lucia strolls in and is almost approaching pleasant as she says, "Hey, you're back." She asks if the Others showed up. "No. Michael's back, though." Before she can ask about that, though, he notices the gash on her forehead and asks what happened. She doesn't even get to think about an answer, before Locke says, "My fault," and says he left the faucet on and Ana slipped on the water and hit her head. Ana is rather unconvincing as she tries to swallow her surprise and confirm this with Jack, who doesn't notice how bleeding obvious it is that she's lying.

But they're interrupted anyway, with the groggy moans and grunts of Michael and Kate calling for Jack to come. "I think he's waking up," she says. Everybody makes their way to Michael's bedside, with Jack telling him he's back in the hatch; they found him in the jungle last night. Michael struggles to sit up, Jack warning him to take it easy.

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