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So glad to have you back, Michael

"I found them," he says, surprising everyone. He says he headed north, back to where the Tailaways had been, hiked to the beach and followed the shoreline, and saw one a day later. Locke asks what he looked like. "Dirty. Worn clothing, simple. Just like the rest of them," says Michael. Kind of like the rest of you guys, you know. Kate appears to be thinking of the stuff she found in Feelgood Hatch. Jack's all, "'Like the rest of them'?" Michael says he followed the one back to their camp, where they live in tents and teepees and eat dried fish. "They're worse off than we are!" he says, almost disgustedly. Teepees, tents, dried fish? Is this how the colonization of North America got started? Michael says he counted twenty-two of them, but -- in response to Jack's question -- says he didn't see the boat. Jack asks if he saw Walt. "No," says Michael quietly. "But I know he's there."

Ana-Lucia asks if he saw anyone else they might have taken, like Cindy, or any other children. Michael shakes his head and says no, but they might be in the same place where Walt is, because the Others also have a hatch. "There's a set of metal doors, leading underground. What else could it be?" He says the doors are always guarded by two guards, with two guns, and two guns is all he saw. "They're barely armed. Most of them are old, and half of them are women." He pauses a moment, and almost breaks down, before continuing, "I couldn't save him. So I came back to tell you, tell you that we can take them." Jack looks kind of askance. But isn't that what he's training his army for? Are we ever going to get back to that? Michael goes on, "As soon as I get my strength back, I will take us back there. And we are gonna get my boy back." Michael's introducing conscription now?

Locke's in the computer room…doing his taxes? Paying bills? Scribbling on pieces of paper…likely he's still sketching the black-light map. Jack comes in, and somewhat sheepishly says Locke was right. Locke looks up. "Right about what?" About Henry, says Jack. "What you and Sayid did to him when you first found him, you were…you were right. I don't like how you did it, but I shouldn't have gotten in your way." Locke goes back to his work and says that Jack did what he thought was right at the time he thought it. "I just hope that next time you decide to do something, you include me. And something tells me, that's gonna be soon." Jack's all, you heard Michael! We can take them! Locke reminds Jack that they weren't warned by Beardo not to cross the line. "These people are liars, John! Why the hell should we take their word on anything?" Locke says he couldn't agree more. So now what? Well, I'd like to see a montage, set to a song by Foreigner or Journey or REO Speedwagon, maybe Survivor, with Jack and Locke working out, and high-fiving. You know? Jack's rehabbing Locke's legs with him. They could set up those parallel-bar things and have Locke struggle to make his way across, Jack yelling at him, and have him get a little bit farther each time they show him doing that, and finally he's able to make it across on his own?

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