Two For The Road

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So glad to have you back, Michael

But no musical montage, at least this episode. But now that they're the dynamic duo again, Jack and Locke stomp out all purposefully into the kitchen, where the womenfolk want to know what's going on. Locke says they're going to get the guns back from Sawyer, and Jack tells Kate they need her help to convince him. Kate wants to know who's going to look after Michael, even though Michael is totally fine, and Ana-Lucia volunteers. "Give Sawyer my best," she says, and then glares a hole in the armoury door, so good job of appearing not to have an ulterior motive or anything.

Libby and Hurley are walking through the jungle, with Hurley saying they're "almost there." Libby asks Hurley if he's ever watched The Flintstones. "Sure, I used to watch it all the time when I was in the hospital," he says, and then catches himself, adding, "when I broke my hip." Doesn't he know that it's clear to her by now that Hurley's got a couple of toys in the attic? Guess not. Anyway, she's asking because Fred Flintstone would always go running past the same thing over and over again, because of the old animation trick of reusing the same background, and she's reminded of this because this is the third time they've passed this particular tree. "That's a different tree," says Hurley lamely. She sighs and says it's okay if he's lost, which he denies he is, saying they're about to walk onto "the most excellent, secret beach on the island." And sure enough, as he yells, "Surprise!" they come through the trees onto the beach.

Only, as killjoy Libby points out, this isn't exactly a "secret beach." In fact, she says, this is so unsecret a beach that it's actually their beach. In fact, there's Jin right over there. In a funny reveal, we see Jin in the background, kneeling on the beach, cleaning fish. Very Simpsons, this moment. Hurley's crestfallen, so Libby suggests they just have the picnic right there, and asks Hurley for the blanket. Hurley's all, blanket? Libby tries again, asking him if he brought drinks. Nope, no drinks. But I bet Hurley's got some Dharma Ranch Composite in that pack of his. Nice picnic, Hurley. She tells him she'll take care of the blanket, if he'll chase down Rose and Bernard, who she saw snagging some Dharma wine from the food pallet. Hurley lights up at the thought of sharing some wine with Libby, and he jokes that if he gets drunk enough, maybe he'll remember where he knows her from. Libby's face kind of crinkles at this, like she's not sure that would be such a good thing, but Hurley takes no notice. He glances over at Jin, who by now is watching the proceedings and grinning. He nods, and gives Hurley a thumbs-up that made me snicker despite myself. Hurley giggles too.

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