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In one of the more innovative and yet obtrusive and annoying product placements I've ever seen, Sawyer is reading a script by the fire when Jack's posse strolls up, and Jack wants him to put the "book" down, and Sawyer tells him it's a manuscript, and he's about to be the first person to find out whodunnit, and I guess you can buy this as a book with the premise being that it was written by one of the doomed passengers on the plane, and it's so aggravating that I'm not even going to mention the name of the book in order to make my stupid joke about checking out the first word on pages four, eight, and so on. Jack finally just takes the manuscript and throws it on the fire, so Sawyer spazzes and tries to save it, but can't, so he'll never know, but you can! Jack says it's time to give the guns back, but Sawyer is still going on about how Jack burned his book and now he wants help. And Locke (Sawyer says, "You too, Brutus?" to him in keeping with the cribbing of famous quotes, as well as demonstrating that Sawyer is a redneck who gots hisself some book smarts) and Kate chime in to tell Sawyer to give up the guns, and Sawyer's unimpressed that Kate's helping out, asking if Jack brought her along for the sympathy vote, whatever that's supposed to mean. "She ain't in my head, Doc," he lies.

Jack's really not interested in screwing around, so he pulls his gun on Sawyer. Sawyer reaches around behind his back (nice reflexes to not call him on that, Jack), only to find that his gun is not there. So let me get this straight: he didn't figure out that Ana was boinking him as a distraction. That, maybe I can buy, given that Sawyer wouldn't be the first guy to let his dick do the thinking. But then he gets dressed, and doesn't notice his gun isn't there? And all this time he hasn't noticed his gun is missing? Are you kidding me? But I guess Sawyer wouldn't now be able to say, "Bitch!" and "She stole my damn gun!" After finding out Sawyer's talking about Ana-Lucia, Jack wonders aloud why she would need a gun at all. Some quick cuts show Ana in the bunker, locking and loading, and opening the armoury door. They might as well have a light bulb go off over Locke's head, as he says, "Jack? I need to tell you something. I ate the last of your Dharma Twinkies. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

Ana slides a knife across the floor to Henry, and tells him to pick it up and cut himself loose. He asks why. "You know why," she says. Slowly, he does so. "He kept telling us you were misunderstood," he says. He's talking about Goodwin, who Henry says told them that Ana was worthy, and that he could change her. "But he was wrong," he says, folding up the knife and putting it back on the floor. "And it cost him his life." Ana says Goodwin was going to kill her. Henry stands up. "Was he?" he asks, somewhat rhetorically. Ana just asks him if he's done, and Henry says he is. She pulls the gun from her waistband, and points it at Henry. "So this is it, huh?" he asks. And she says it is. But the fact that there's still a whole act to go doesn't really make this the most urgent commercial cliffhanger I've ever seen.

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