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Morning breaks, and Jin strolls out his tarpaulin-bedecked lean-to. He has showered, and he has taken off his shirt, and he is making me feel very bad about my own body. I may have to concede that I am not the best-looking Daniel I know (and yes, I'm aware of Daniel Baldwin). Following him, to wrap her arms around him from behind, is the positively glowing Sun. Even better than makeup sex is thought-you-were-dead-even-before-I-found-out-about-the-pirates sex. We've all been there. They both glance over to Hurley's campsite, and smile. Sun turns her head away first, but Jin keeps grinning in Hurley's direction, unable to contain his glee, conveying with just a smile, "Awwwwww, yeah." Hurley gives him a thumbs-up. Meanwhile, Sun's looking in the opposite direction, over to where Sayid is digging a grave with a hollowed-out log. At least, I assume it's a grave. If he's just putting in a wine cellar, that'd be a twist.

Down in the hatch, Dr. Jack is tending to a still-unconscious Sawyer. Sawyer's kind of tossing and groaning a little, while Dr. Jack makes cheery banter about how impressed he is that Sawyer pulled the bullet out of his shoulder himself. Sawyer mutters something, eyes still closed. Jack can't quite make it out, and Sawyer repeats it: "Where is she?" Jack deduces that Sawyer means Kate, so he cheerfully says Kate's been looking after him for the past 24 hours, and the only way Jack could get rid of her was to send her out for food for Sawyer. Sawyer mutters something again. Again, Jack can't quite catch it, and the still-mostly-out-of-it Sawyer says it again: "I love her." Jack looks slightly chagrined, and sits down, probably trying to think of a loophole in the Hippocratic Oath that will allow him to let Sawyer die.

Kate is, as usual, up in a tree, because the only good fruit on the island is the stuff thirty feet off the ground. As she climbs down, half-sliding, she drops some from her pack. On the ground, she squats to pick it up -- and there, in the jungle, is a beautiful black horse. Kate's shocked, although after the polar bear, very little would surprise me (although, as will be revealed later, her shock at seeing the horse has a little more behind it than just its incongruity here on the island). She takes a step towards the horse, which whinnies and canters off, and is gone within seconds. The unmistakable sound of the impending flashback ratchets up on the soundtrack.

And now Kate is but a lass of -- well, she looks exactly the same, but it's safe to say this didn't happen yesterday. She's sitting on a porch, wearing a Janis Joplin T-shirt and playing with a lighter (the Zippo-brand Foreshadower model). Headlights splash against the side of the house, illuminating our apple-cheeked heroine, who looks up at the pickup jerkily making its way up to the house, country music a-blarin'. Her expression doesn't change, and she puts the lighter back in her pocket.

A guy gets out of the truck; this, we'll find out, is Wayne, and he staggers towards the porch, surprised, but not unpleasantly, to see Kate. He moves to embrace her, or something, and she sidesteps him and says, "Let's get you to bed." She helps him clatter through the house, which the set designer thankfully chose not to drape in black-velvet Elvis paintings. "What's that smell?" he says at one point. "Probably your breath," she says.

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