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Kate Does What She Does When She Does
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Previously, on Lost: Sawyer brings Juliet a sunflower and they kiss. Sawyer holds Juliet as she dies. Sawyer tells Jack "You did this." Kate, Hurley, Jack, Jin, and a dying Sayid get grabbed by the Templars. Lennon and Yoko bring Sayid to the Temple spring, which looks more like a cesspool. The Templars seem to drown Sayid. Sayid dies. Sayid comes back to life to ask what we've been asking for five and half years: "What happened?"

NOW; Island Reality: Lennon hustles through the maze that is the Temple floor plan and bursts into Yoko's lair -- the Unholy of Unholies -- to announce Sayid is alive. Meanwhile, by the side of the baptismal spring -- which I'll so be calling the "Murky Mikvah Mezzanine" -- Sayid is still coming out of it. He's a little light-headed from either his death or Hurley's bear hug, so Jack tells a completely confounded Miles to go get Sayid some water, because that's what every drowning victim most craves. When Sayid asks what happened to him, Jack tells him he died. Across the way, Kate wonders how that's possible. How is any of this possible, Kate? The time for that question is long past. At any rate, Sawyer scowls about Sayid. "Of course he's fine. He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go-around." Come on, James. Okay sure, you'd resent anyone other than Juliet being brought back, and since Sayid's attempt to murder wee Benjamin Linus blew up your ultimate long con over there in New Otherton, I get that you don't love him. And yeah, he tortured you in the past. But I thought you'd left the Iraqi bigotry behind you, years ago. Knock it off. Be better than that. (Plus? You left off assassin; I guess you probably don't know about that, though.) Anyhow, Sawyer asks Kate how many guards and guns are outside the Temple. He's thinking about running. Kate feels a twinge like you do when someone jacks your gimmick. Running is what Kate does.

L.A. Reality: There's a brief review of Kate escaping her Marshal and getting away from the airport by hijacking the cab Claire is already in. The cabbie (David H. Lawrence XVII, or possibly Billy Joel) stops, because his way is blocked by Arzt, who is trying to collect all his luggage he spilled into the street. In this reality, Arzt thinks he's Ratzo Rizzo. "Hey, I'm walkin' here. I'm walkin' here!" Kate scans the scene while they wait for Arzt to get out of the way. When she spots Jack, who is on the sidewalk talking on his cell phone, their gazes lock and Kate looks as if her two realities are trying to merge. Claire takes advantage of this moment between her (unknown?) big brother and her captor, and tries to jump out of the cab, but Kate pulls her back in and yells at her. Finally, at Kate's insistence, the cabbie drives off, dragging one of Arzt's bags with him. When they approach a set of lights, Kate instructs the cabbie to take a left, but instead, he ditches the cab, while Claire begs to be released. Kate crawls up to the front seat, which would be the ideal time for Claire to escape, were she not infected with persistent, pervasive imbecility in this reality. Anyhow, Kate takes the wheel, speeds away and demands Claire's purse. Once she has it, she screeches the cab to a stop and orders Claire out of the car. Mean old Kate won't even let Claire take her suitcase. The poor pregnant child cries alone on the sidewalk, as Kate drives away. We slide sideways to...

Island Realty; Temple: Jack and Jin help Sayid outside. Like us, Sayid wants to know who all these new people are and why they're frigging necessary at this late stage of the game. As Miles runs up with some water, Hurley explains: "They're Others, dude. They caught us. Again.... I don't know, I think they're trying to protect us." Miles butts in: "As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position, so...that's pretty great." Oh Miles, welcome back. Meanwhile, Jack is preoccupied with Sayid's gut wound, which is now all but closed. Amazed at his own recovery, Sayid thanks Jack for saving his life. Before Jack can say anything more Yoko swoops over, with Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band following in his wake. Last week, some savvy people correctly pointed out that Lennon's linguistic activities ought to be described as interpretation rather than translation. To this, I say: The show describes Lennon's work as translating -- I'm simply describing the show; But...but Wikipedia says I can; Maybe in the island reality, there is no distinction between interpreters and translators. Huh? Huh? Did you ever think of that? Maybe it's A Clue; You're right and I'm both wrong and sorry.

Lennon interprets for Yoko: "Mr. Jarrah, will you come with us, please?" Sayid's not so sure about that, and Jack won't let him go alone. Jack wants to know who these Templars are and why they're holding them. Lennon interprets: "Once we've spoken to Mr. Jarrah, we'll be happy to tell you everything you want to know." Jack talks directly to Yoko so he must have twigged to the fact that Yoko requires no English to Japanese translation interpretation services. He also knows that this we'll be so happy to reveal all bullshit is just that, and says so. Yoko utters some command and the Plastic Ono Band moves in to grab Jack. Before a full-scale brawl breaks out, the Losties and the Band are interrupted by two gun shots. It's Sawyer. How the hell did he get a gun? All that's clear is that he doesn't give a rat's ass about any of the other Losties. He wants out and he wants out now. As he leaves, he scowls at Kate. "Don't come after me." Rejection from a man on the run? Kate has never been so turned on in her life!

Theme Song!

Random Templars hold Jack back while the Plastic Ono Band drags Sayid back into the Temple edifice. As soon as they're out of sight, another, more mouthy Templar (but more on him later), Aldo (Rob McElhenney), bursts on the scene, holding a pistol and barking at everyone to calm down. Lennon gets right in Jack's face. "Where did Ford go?" Jack's all, "Huh?" Does Jack even know Sawyer's real surname? Regardless, Lennon clarifies, "Your friend who just ran out of here." When Jack says he doesn't know, Lennon says, "You expect me to believe that?" Jack's smile is suicidal. "He told me he wanted to kill me. Do you believe that?" Kate saunters over and informs everyone she can bring Sawyer back because she's an expert runner widower-chaser meat-hound tracker. "Let me go. I will bring him back, and I can make him stay." Can you make him sit, heel and roll over too, Kate? Jack doesn't think Kate should go alone. Jin says he'll go with. Lennon tells them it's very important that Sawyer gets back to the Temple, safely. "What makes you think he's going to listen to you?" Kate says, "I can be very convincing when I want to be."

L.A. Reality: Kate finds an all too conveniently located chop shop run by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Next





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