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Remember how Sayid killed wee Benjamin Linus last week? April Fools! He's not dead yet. And he probably never will be, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Previously, on Lost: Cassidy Phillips visits Sawyer in jail and shows him a picture of their darlin' Clementine. Kate saves Cassidy's conniving butt, by buying one of the fake necklaces she's passing off as the real deal. Sawyer jumps out of Frank's chopper so that they'll have enough fuel to reach the freighter. But before he does, he whispers something to Kate, and then tells her, "Just do it, Freckles," because he thinks she's in a Nike ad. On Penny's boat, Kate tells Jack she's keeping baby Aaron, because she can't stand to lose anyone else. Lawyer Dan "Angela Chase's Father" Norton tells Kate the jig is up and his "client" wants to handle the exchange of toddler-Aaron's custody quietly. Jack and Kate watch as Norton enters Carole (Claire's mum) Littleton's motel room. Jack goes to see Ms. Littleton, his dad's LOVAH, and he tells her everything he and Kate have done was for Aaron, and she's all like Who-The-Holy-Tim-Tams is Aaron? Jack does his best Emily Litella and makes a hasty retreat. Wee Ben goes to see Sayid in his Dharma prison cell. Sayid tells him it's nice to meet him, but I think the hottie doth protest too much. A flaming van goes careening into a Dharma Initiative cabin, which causes a distraction, allowing a tearful wee Ben Linus to engage in some then-futuristic Harry Potter cosplay while he releases Sayid, whom he mistakes for his own Sirius Black, but he's actually batting for Tom Riddle's team. Oops. Ben lets Sayid out of his cell; they run through the jungle, supposedly toward Team Richard, but meet up with Jin on the way. When Jin wants to check Sayid's story with Sawyer, Sayid knocks Jin out and shoots wee Ben! He then runs off into the night, like a big chicken.

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