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The Island; 1977: Kate drives up to the sonic fence pylons, then stops, because that's as far as she gotten in her planning. Wee Ben groans from the back that he's a way better strategist at age 12, so she gets out and opens the side door to check on him. Kate tries to keep him from talking, but he manages to say, "Tell my dad I'm sorry I stole his keys." I bet you are, kid. Talk about your object lessons. Just then Sawyer drives up in another Dharma Blue VW bus. Aren't they cute in their matching vehicles? Kate thinks he's there to stop her, and all she can say is that she can't let the kid die. Sawyer says, "Damn it, Freckes," and the Skaters squeal so loudly I can't hear the rest of what he says, but I'm sure it amounts to, "I'm a lover, not a fighter." He's there to help her. Dun!

Mainland; 2007; Cassidy's House: Aaron is a big boy now, so he rings the doorbell which is right under the "No Smoking" sign, and do people really have those on the outside of their homes? Clementine, who is darling and should avoid caverns in canyons at all costs, answers the door with a big smile. "Hi, Auntie Kate!" Once the kids are off playing, Kate and Cassidy can talk grown-up stuff, like kidnapping and plane crashes, and cockamamie schemes. Kate is curled up on Cassidy's couch and looks like she spent the night crying.

Cassidy cannot understand why "they" would go back to the island. Kate says, "Jack says that we weren't supposed to leave." Cassidy says, "Jack sounds like a piece of work." Poor Jack. I've got to admit I'm somewhat fond of him. But I know him for what he is. I mean, even if you remove the beard of fug and his actions while actively addicted to pain pills, I can understand why people who lived with him might get annoyed with or angry at him. But Cassidy's an outsider, so why doesn't she just shut it? Ahem. The wee Jack who lives in my medicine cabinet blows me kisses, then snuggles down inside a package of cotton balls. He's just scrubbed for surgery, so they're still sterile. Don't worry. Cassidy pours a shot of booze into her coffee cup, or Kate's, or possibly both, and tells Kate to drink up and take a nap. She'll keep an eye on Aaron. Kate hugs a sofa pillow to her chest, because she's intimidated by Cassidy's aggressive cleavage, and then confesses, "I lost him." She fills Cassidy in on Aaron's disappearing act at the supermarket. "And, you know, the crazy thing is, is that as scared as I was, I wasn't surprised. All I could think was, 'It's about time'." She wonders aloud why she'd expect Aaron to be taken. Cassidy, BFF that she is, says, "Because you took him, Kate." Remind me why these two are still friends? Kate explains that Claire actually left Aaron in the jungle and that Kate had to take him. "He needed me." Cassidy says, "You needed him. Sawyer broke your heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?" Oh please, just shut up, Cassidy. The cameraman comes to my rescue and we jump to...

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