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Jack's had it. "I came back here because I care, Juliet. I came back here because I was trying to save you." Juliet yells that they didn't need saving. "We've been fine here, for three years." Is the show's failure to create a straight-forward discussion between the Strand-aways and the Returnees driving anyone else to distraction? I mean, I was tempted to rant at Juliet, but Jack, Kate and Hurley haven't exactly explained why they chose to come back after all this time, and that Locke was all, "IF YOU DON'T, EVERYONE DIES!" Of course, maybe I will rant at Juliet, because she knows darned well what things were like before Locke left and why Locke left. Juliet, girl, you (and Sawyer, and Miles, and Jin) could at least extend your "friends" the courtesy of asking why they returned before getting your knickers in a twist about said return. Sheesh. She doesn't listen. She's still busy whining. She looks at Jack and her eyes fill with tears. "You came back for you." And you know what kills me the most? Jack looks chagrined -- as though he's been convicted by her accusations. I'm not saying there's no truth in them -- particularly for Jack, who had nothing going on back home but a nasty addiction and an even nastier beard, but I do think he and all the other Returnees (except Ben and Sayid) came back thinking they could help. Oh someone shoot me, she's not done. "At least do me the courtesy of telling me why." Poor Jack says, "I came back because I was supposed to." Juliet tries to feed him his lines and end my misery. "Supposed to do what?" Jack says he doesn't know yet. And they look like they're going to make out until Juliet adds, "Well, you'd better figure it out." She walks out, and I bang my head against the desk to distract myself from the painful ways of TV writers, who refuse to let a character give a straight answer. Then I go open my medicine cabinet and flick the cotton ball box, just because I can. We cut to...

The Jungle: Sawyer laughs at Kate when she offers to carry Ben for a while, then she, too, does the partial-share thing, where she tells Sawyer that Roger thinks Ben took his keys, but fails to mention Ben's confession of that act and apology for it. You know, the one he relayed to Kate, right before Sawyer drove up!!! Sawyer says a kid will do almost anything when he's angry at his parents. Kate then says, "Is that why you asked me to take care of your daughter?" Sawyer asks if she did, and Kate says, "Of course I did," my sweet, darling dearest. Why don't you take your shirt off for a while? (She maybe used telepathy for that last bit.) As they stop to give Ben some water, Sawyer asks what his daughter is like. Kate says that she's beautiful and has an attitude, just like her daddy. Sawyer realizes that not only does he have to be afraid of Kate and Juliet getting all chatty right here in Dharmaville, he's also got to worry about how chatty Kate got with Cassidy, back on the mainland. Kate's on a mission, so she gets right to her point. "She had an interesting theory on why you jumped off the chopper. [...] She thought you were worried about what would happen if you didn't." Sawyer says, "You and me would have never worked out, Kate. I wasn't any more fit to be your boyfriend that I am to be that little girl's father." Kate notes that he's holding his own with Juliet. Sawyer says he's done a lot of growing up in the past three years. Before she can use this to her advantage, the Others, who must be Juliet/Sawyer 'shippers, sneak up behind them, surround them, cock their rifles and order them to put their hands in the air. They grumble about the Dharma people violating the truce, but Sawyer points out the little boy who has been shot and is bleeding to death, says he's both of their problems and throws out some tough talk about war, then demands that they take them to see Richard Alpert. Commercial.

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