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Mainland; 2007: Kate shows up at Carole Littleton's motel. Does the level of anger Carole directs to Kate at the outset seem a little bizarre to anyone else? I mean, eventually she'll learn Kate deserves that and more, and I know Jack showed up and spewed a lot of crazy sauce at her and then was all, "Never mind," but for Carole knows right now, Kate's just there to apologize for Jack's behavior. Anyhow, she lets Kate in so that Kate can give her a real reason to be angry. And she does. Kate tells Carole how Claire's alive and that they left her on the island because they couldn't find her, and how she (Kate) passed off Carole's own grandson as her own baby for the past three years. She adds, "We lied and there were other survivors too, and we just left them." Carole asks why she lied, whereas I would have gone straight to violence. Hmmm. Kate forgets her original reason, because like me, she never quite understood the need for the big lie except for while Jack was giving the explanation. Instead, she tries on Cassidy's explanation for size and decides it fits well. "Because I needed him." We'll stick with that in the future, Katie. It's so much easier and it's in character, too. She then adds something along the lines of : And tag, you're it. After that brat scared the crap out of me in the grocery store, I got way over this motherhood thing. The kid is all yours now, sister. I need a vacation like yesterday. She gives Carole a picture of Aaron and says he's just two doors down, asleep. Alone? DID SHE LEARN NOTHING IN THE SUPERMARKET?! Kate then says, "When you're ready, he's waiting for you." She told Aaron that Carole's his grandma who is going to care for him while Kate's gone and that she'll be back soon. Carole asks where she's going. Kate says, "I'm going back to find your daughter." Sawyer's her daughter? We cut to...

Aaron's Motel Bed: The beautiful little boy who is just the age my own was when he escaped, and who is blond, just like mine, looks too much like my little one in this shot. I'll be right back after I take a crazy pill. Ahhhhh. This is a hard scene, and despite the fact that I've been prickly about Kate this episode, she breaks me, here. If you've raised a baby for three years, he's in your heart. Her tears fall and she tries to stifle her sobs so as not to wake Aaron. The longer she looks at him, the harder it gets, so with a great, snotty sniffle, she summons her courage and leaves his bedside. She opens the door and stops to look back just once more, and now he looks exactly like my youngest did at three, and I can't take another crazy pill 'til tomorrow, so I don't know what I'm going to do here. No, it's way too early to drink, you alkies. Kate looks over her shoulder at the boy and cries, "Bye-bye, baby," and shuts the door behind him. Gah. Luckily, I can get mad at Carole Littleton for not standing right there and pushing her way in, like any self-respecting grandmother would. Even the camera is crying as we jump to...

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