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Mainland; 2004: Is it awesome, sick, or awesomely sick that Kate, who survived a plane crash, is so fond of the music of someone who didn't? I love Cline, so let's decide it's awesome as we listen to her singing about having your picture, although another "She's Got You", while Kate and baby Aaron drive up to Cassidy Phillips' house. I mean, can you dig it? Cassidy (allegedly) has Sawyer's real baby, while Kate just has a blonde baby who isn't actually her own, and the memory of some hot Hydra cage sex. Heavy, Mrs. Marsh. (10 points to the reader who identifies the '70s origin of that phrase; 20 if you can find me a YouTube link, because you would not believe how long I looked.) And for the record, this baby Aaron is probably the cutest baby Aaron yet. Like all the other boys on the show, he's totally into Kate and makes that, "Oh my word you're the best toy, EVA" face as Kate coos to him while she gets him out of his carseat. Then she sings him "Catch A Falling Star", which gives me a little continuity-gasm.

My mind then goes completely crazy with way-off-the-beaten-track speculation. Usually, I hold it 'til the end, but I'm afraid I'll forget or the crazy will die down and I'll get shy, so here it is. What if Aaron is Sawyer? I know you SKaters just died a little inside, but hear me out. Claire's baby isn't supposed to be raised by anyone else. Sawyer wasn't raised by his mother, on account of her being dead at the hand of his father after they were conned by Locke's father. Maybe the Fords adopted Aaron-Sawyer from Claire back in the... '70s? And so now, Cassidy's only got Sawyer's picture (i.e. his baby) while Kate has him. Oooh, and... oh crap, I've already lost my crazy thread and related bravery, so never mind.

ANYhow, Kate rings Cassidy's bell, albeit not in the same way Sawyer did. Cassidy's all Omig-dYouWereDeadNowYou'reNotWhichIAlreadyKnew and your baby's wicked cute but what are you doing here? All in all, she'll thrilled to see her old friend and scam partner until Kate says, "Sawyer sent me." Dun!

Theme Song!

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