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Cassidy's sitting at her kitchen table with Kate, holding an envelope positively stuffed with cash, although I have to note that given the looks of her house, she doesn't need it. We'll ignore the question of how she affords such posh digs, since just a few short years ago she was hawking fake jewelry on the road as her main source of income. Let's just assume she worked a lucrative long con. She flips through the cash with her thumbs like a Vegas dealer might handle a deck of cards. "Sawyer? So that son of a bitch is still alive?" Kate says he was when she left Craphole. Cassidy can't quite buy that Sawyer asked Kate to find her, but Kate says, "Well, he -- he told me where to find you, and said to take care of Clementine -- his daughter?" Who names their daughter that? People who have never paid attention to the lyrics, I tell you what! And listen people, I'm just funning. I got an e-mail from a lovely reader with the equally lovely name Candida, who (quite kindly and politely) expressed her displeasure regarding a certain reference I made to her given name in a previous recap. While it's never my intent to pick on real readers' actual names, this recap is being written by a woman who was a kid named Cindy in the late 1960s, which means she's a Cindy who grew up in the 1970s (and '80s), but which fails to explain why I just referred to myself in the third person. My point, and I have one, is that if you're above the age of 10, sure I guess you can choose to get upset when people you don't know joke about the name you happen to have, but that's probably not going to do anything to discourage it. Laugh with them and move forward. Because it could be oh-so-very-much worse. I'm just sayin'...

Cassidy can't quite stomach Kate's company now that she knows she's there at Sawyer's behest, so Kate makes to go. They then have an expository discussion in which we learn that Kate's pretty much told Cassidy all the truth behind the Big Lie. The only thing Kate hasn't confessed is that Aaron isn't her own. Cassidy wants to know why Kate trusts her, and so do I. I mean Kate, you met the women while she was scamming people?! Is this that honor among thieves thing? Kate says she trusts Cassidy because Clementine has a right to know that her father cares. Unresponsive, move to strike, Your Honor.

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