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St. Jacob's OR: Wee Ben gasps for breath and Juliet tries to comfort him. Kate shows up claiming to be a universal blood donor and offers her blood for Ben. Where was she when Boone was dying? Oh, yeah, she was helping Claire deliver the Turnip-Head. Never mind. They commiserate on Jack's utter lack of helpfulness, so Juliet asks if something happened between Jack and Kate while they were "off island." Kate says, "We were engaged. Does that count?" Juliet does not know how she feels about that. Fortunately, she's saved from having to think of a response by Roger, who bursts in, looking for a status on his son. He's totally down with emotionally and physically abusing the boy, but nobody else better lay a hand on him, you hear? Make your own punching bag, Others. Juliet tries to shoo him outside, but since Kate's recently short one male admirer, she suggests that Roger stay and watch her, while Juliet tends to Ben.

Roger confesses to Kate that Ben stole his keys. When Kate doesn't understand, he explains: "LaFleur asked me where my keys were. That bastard doesn't ask any questions he doesn't know the answers to, which means my son stole my keys so he could bust that animal out of jail." When Kate asks why Ben would do that, Roger says, "Because of me." He then asks Kate if she has kids so we can all feel her pain when she answers, "No," and silently adds, "Unless you count Aaron, who I count in my heart. My word, I helped bring him into this world." Roger thought he was going to be the world's best dad, but it didn't work out that way. He tells Kate how Ben's mother died delivering him, but fails to mention that he'd taken her extremely pregnant self on a wilderness hike. "I tried to do what I thought she'd want me to do, but I guess a boy just needs his mother." And maybe a motherless boy needs his father to not hold his mother's death against him, not drag him to an uncharted island, not turn into an abusive drunk, and hey, how about remembering his birthday -- fondly -- once in a while. Oh Kate, if only you knew about Roger's parenting style, I'm pretty sure you two would get on like a house afire. Ahem. Just then, Ben goes into hypoxic shock. Juliet kicks Roger out of the room and we cut back to...

Dharmaville House Arrest House: And the Best. Scene. Ever. Okay, at least in this episode.

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