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Drink Deep Of My Sparkling Stream
Commercials and credits. Boy, I lucked out with one of the few fall shows that didn't tie or set a record for fastest PH ever, unlike poor life as we know it. Although really who we should pity is Kim.

Midsection Beach. A very pale Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity watches Jack haul a backpack up past the waterline. Kate follows Jack and tells him the woman who drowned was named Joanna, and that she was only on their plane because an ear infection grounded her for a couple of days in Australia. The ABC website has a nifty online "Diary" which gives a little more information about the dearly departed Joanna, by the way, and notes again how weird it is that rip currents should capture supposedly strong swimmers. Jack bemoans both that in six days he never talked to this Joanna and that, out in the water, he chose not to go after her and to save Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity instead. He looks over Kate's shoulder and, with a jolt, sees the Magritte-lookin' dude in a suit from the last episode standing in the surf. Kate doesn't see him, and asks Jack how long it's been since he slept.

Walt's brushing his teeth with Sun's Korean toothpaste plant. Mercutio tells him not to swallow seawater; when Walt asks why, Mercutio obviously doesn't know exactly what the deal is with drinking salt water, so he just says, "Just don't drink it, man."

Sun is watching them while folding a blanket. Jin turns her head away and tells her she needs water. "When will someone tell us what to do?" Sun asks, adding that she doesn't think anyone's coming for them. Jin tries to reassure her. She complains that none of the other castaways talk to them. Other than the guy who saw me topless, she doesn't add. Jin angrily tells her that they don't need anyone else, and that he will tell her what to do. Aw, that's sweet.

Shannon stomps up to Sawyer and asks if he's got something for her. Sawyer, hilariously, is reading Watership Down. Sawyer says, "You're in my light, Sticks." Another nickname! I've finally decided who Sawyer reminds me of, with his distrust of Iraqis and his constant nicknaming: George W. Bush. Sawyer's nicknames sound just like the lame-o nicknames the President likes to invent for everyone he meets. "What the hell are you talking about?" Shannon starts to ask, and Sawyer says "light, comma, sticks. As in those legs of yours." Any nickname you have to patiently explain isn't one that's going to, er, stick. Shannon, awesomely, is wearing huge hoop earrings, some kind of chiffony pink top, and a frilly lime green skirt. She looks like the table centerpiece at a Fort Lauderdale wedding. Sawyer pulls out a bottle of lotion. "It'll keep off sand fleas?" she asks, idly scratching the back of her leg. When she asks him how much he wants for the lotion, he tells her that her money's no good here, and gives her a lewd look. Uh, Sawyer, I wouldn't go there. Unless you want a case of "sand fleas" too. Some half-witted banter ensues, ending with Shannon throwing the bottle at him and stalking away while Sawyer gives a squinty grin.

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