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The rat's hole. Sawyer's out in the jungle, opening up a hidden suitcase, when Kate tackles him. He chuckles and claims, "It's about time," saying he made this birthday wish "four years ago." The meaning behind that statement escapes me, and I kind of think it has none. It's just placeholder dialogue in an episode filled with portentous, but empty, words. Sawyer rolls Kate over and menacingly leers at her, but fails to do anything before Sayid appears and tosses Sawyer off her. Uh, what was he waiting for? Some hot outlaw-on-outlaw action? Sawyer says he traded two bottles of water to "Mr. Miyagi" for a fish. All of Sawyer's nicknames are starting to feel like a particularly aggressive shout-out to TWoP on the part of the writers, almost as if they're saying: You guys think you can come up with nicknames? We'll give each character so many nicknames you won't be able to keep them straight! As it'll rain sooner or later, Sawyer claims to be unconcerned about water. Kate goes through his hidden suitcases and finds out the water isn't there. Before Kate can walk away, Sawyer tosses her Marshal Shrap's badge. "Seeing as you're the new sheriff in town," he says, "might as well make it official." Kate looks sad, and pensive.

Jack and Locke inna jungle. Locke tells Jack that the castaways want him to lead them; Jack demurs, echoing his father's words from the flashback when he says he just doesn't "have what it takes." Locke points out that everyone treats him like a leader, and asks him what he's doing out in the woods. "I think I'm going crazy," Jack replies. Locke tells him that crazy people don't think they're going crazy; they think they're getting better. Not unlike Locke himself, as a matter of fact. "So why are you out here?" Locke asks again. "I'm chasing something," Jack says. "Someone." Locke looks pleased, and says, "Ah, the White Rabbit." Then, as per MLA format, he cites his source: "Alice in Wonderland." Jack says that the person he thinks he's seeing isn't there, and Locke asks what his diagnosis would be if Locke said that to him. Jack says he can self-diagnose a hallucination brought on by exhaustion. "I'm an ordinary man, Jack. I live in the real world," says a guy who signed up for an outback walkabout while unable to stand up. "I'm not a big believer in magic." But, he believes, the island they've landed on is different -- "special." The others are afraid to acknowledge it, he claims, but they all know it. "What if everything that happened here happened for a reason?" he asks, the camera dollying in on his jolly round face. "What if this person that you're chasing is really here?" "What happens if I catch him?" Jack whispers. "I don't know," says Locke, "but I have looked into the eye of this island...and it is beautiful." ("And you can't spell 'team' without 'meat pie,'" my friend Sean called me on the phone to say.) Locke gets up to find more water and declines Jack's offer to join him, telling Jack he needs to finish his vision quest or whatever: "A leader can't lead until he knows where he's going."

More commercials! Joyce Summers is pitching Advil. Four out of five doctors think Advil eases the pain of a fatal brain embolism!

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