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The Noun Of What Is
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Karen indulged Sam Grey's crush on her because he is amazing, but maybe he's crazy now because of it, which makes him less so. (Just kidding, it makes him even awesomer.) Mean Sally told Joss that she is playing with Alex's heart, which Joss lied and said wasn't true, but as Alex continues to get more and more fantastic, maybe it is turning a U-turn on everybody that only Sally could see coming. April's ghost husband has come back to the land of the living, but notably only after she's signed away a fifth of her business to his prehumous mistress, the devilish Miranda Nickleby. And Savannah told her two lovers just enough information to make them fight... but not enough to murder or divorce her, no matter how hard she tries.


April: "Get out of here, fell fiend! Imposter! Shapeshifter!"
Paul: "None of those things are real things. I'm just Paul."
April: "Next time call me on the ghost-phone before you come over, you dang ghost!"
Paul: "April I'm not a ghost, though. It was pretend. Look, listen, be realistic."
April: "I don't get what you're saying. I don't understand it."


April: "What's that? Lucy threw up in her carpool? That's very important."
Paul: "Hello, your dead husband after three years just..."
April: "Yeah, I don't really have time for that right now. Lucy threw up, so."

She pours salt around him in a circle and it has no effect; she comes at him with cold iron and he deflects the blow. He is like no ghost she has ever battled. Eventually he bounces, because he forgot how April rolls and it is kind of a mindblowing display.

Paul: "I'm going to text you my number. It is a regular phone, not a ghost one. Know why? Because I'm not a ghost, I'm not dead. I faked my drowning. Do you copy?"
April: "Fuckin' ghosts! I oughta sell my house, that's what I should do."
Paul: "Okay I guess we can circle back around to it. Just stick a pin in it. In me."


Harry: "You look nice today in the middle of the day instead of being at work."
Savi: "I know, because I always look nice, because I'm fabulous. Also, I don't ever go to work. Also, I have my six-week checkup on this baby growing inside me. Um hey, this is a weird question, but..."
Harry: "Remind me, is six weeks where you find out if you're having a black baby?"

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