It's Our Turn to Talk to Glee's Kurt

by Angel Cohn June 23, 2010
The Chris Colfer Interview

In the course of one year, Glee has turned into a worldwide phenomenon, and we are amazed to think that there was a time in our lives that we weren't completely charmed by Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel. He's had some of the most powerful emotional moments on the show ("Rose's Turn" still makes us teary) and some of the most outrageous ("Single Ladies", anyone?) but through it all he's been the most fabulously dressed character on the show. There are rumors he's a contender for an Emmy nod in a few weeks, and we can totally see why. We were lucky enough to catch up with Colfer on the phone last week during the London stop on the show's whirlwind press tour to dish about the show, crazy fans, the movie that he was obsessed with as a kid and life in general.

TWoP: How was the international response to this tour and the show in general?
Colfer: Oh God, it's been insane! It's just like it is in the States. Everyone loves the show, and I never realized it was going to have such an international appeal, as well as a national one.

TWoP: I know you're probably busy touring, but do you at least get to see some of the sights in the cities that you're traveling to?
Colfer: Oh yes. There are a few hours [each day], and every hour I can spare, I kidnap myself and go see some things. I just saw Big Ben today and walked around there, and walked around Buckingham Palace today -- just outside the gate, of course. They didn't let me in.

TWoP: Don't they know who you are!
Colfer: I know, right! I should have tried that, shouldn't I? I'm sure the Queen is a huge Glee fan. [Laughs]

TWoP: What's been the most exciting place you've gotten to go so far?
Colfer: On this past tour, we were just in Spain, and then London, now. We've been to so many terrific places in London. I've seen two shows here, Jersey Boys and Sister Act in the West End, and they were fantastic shows.

TWoP: I'm a little jealous about you seeing Sister Act.
Colfer: Oh my God, are you a Sister Act fan?

TWoP: Yes.
Colfer: Oh my God, if you ever come to London, the show is so good. I was so worried that it wasn't going to be good because I'm such a huge fanatic of the movie, and actually, when I was younger, I used to watch it every day -- It was my movie when I was a kid. You know how every kid has a movie? Usually it's The Little Mermaid, mine was Sister Act, apparently. I don't believe them, but my parents told me I used to put towels on my head and pretend I was a nun when I watched it. But ah, the show is fantastic, it really is. It just does the movie justice and more. But I'm a huge, huge history buff, and I went to the Tower of London yesterday, and I literally was the tour guide for our group. I could not believe how much history I knew; I pretty much knew what happened in every single room, and I was like, "Oh that was the gate that Anne Boleyn came through!" and "Oh that's the room those two princes were smothered in!" and "Look! Lady Jane Grey sat here went she watched her husband get executed on the lawn!"

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