Heroes' Mommy Dearest Heats Things Up

by Angel Cohn September 25, 2008
The Cristine Rose Interview

We got on the phone with Cristine Rose, aka Heroes badass matriarch Angela Petrelli, before the premiere of the new season to talk about her character's growing role, and growing TV family. If you haven't watched yet, then you'll probably want to go watch and then come back to read this. Because otherwise you are going to find lots of juice on how this future-seeing heroine is also Sylar's mommy, and how that will affect the season. Frankly, this reporter is just glad the two-part episode has finally aired because keeping the latest addition to the Petrelli family under-wraps was killing her slowly. So keeping in mind that this interview took place before we'd seen hour two, read on for lots of scoop on the show from the amazingly cool actress Cristine Rose.

TWoP: The first hour seemed like such a great start to the season.

Cristine Rose: It's good. It was so much fun when we went to the Comic Con. I had seen the first hour prior to us going. but going there and watching it while listening to 6,500 fans react, I just got chills all over my body again and again because it's so much more fun to watch with real fans.

TWoP: How were they at Comic Con? Were people nice to you or where they like,'Oh, she's kind of mean?'

CR: You know what? It was all of us up on the stage in front of thousands of people and it was no personal contact, per se.

TWoP: Because sometimes, the fans have a hard time separating acting from character.

CR: No. I haven't had that experience. There are a couple of people that started crying and ran away... I'm only kidding.

TWoP: Just small children.

CR: Small children. NBC has done this wonderful thing. They have our pictures out at the bus stops. Large photographs, portraits of us. [Jokingly] I've been saying that there's a story going around that...we know it's not true... that mothers are bringing their children, holding their hands and threatening "if you do that again we're sending you to talk to that lady."

TWoP: Nice.

CR: Crime rate has gone down in certain areas.

TWoP: I'm going to try that with my kid when she's bad. I feel the show has been off for so long. Are you excited that we finally get to see new episodes and see what happens next?

CR: Am I excited? First of all it's just so much fun to be working. It was strange to have to go away for so long and then to come back, but the energy is so great. Everyone is so excited about the new stories. And then over these months people have approached me again and again, asking when the show was coming back. When is it coming back? And then with this incredible support system that NBC is offering up, you know you can just feel the energy rising everywhere about what's going to happen.

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