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The next contestant who is safe is Alyson Gilbert. Get out! Old Crazy Eyes made it through after all. In the mentoring video segment, John Rich doesn't think that Alyson understand the artistry of being a singer. You know, like the subtlety of delivering a lyric such as, "I'm a thoroughbred, that's what she said, in the back of my truck bed." Alyson wants to break out of the pageant mold, and John Rich thinks the way to do this is by giving her a song with no range. That song is "Every Breath You Take." Vocally she actually sounds pretty good, and she closes her eyes a lot, which helps. The chord ends on a spooky minor chord, like she's singing about having an asthma attack on Halloween. She gives a big smile when it's over, because she knows she done good. Jeffrey Steele says he's seen two different people on two different weeks. Jewel thinks it's much improved from last week, and tells her to take some cues from Reba McEntire's stage presence. And speaking of Reba, there's really not a wrong time to link to this video, is there? Reba will blow a bitch up. John Rich commends Alyson on a great job.

Next to be announced as safe, and to take the stage, is Pearl Heart, the sister group. Jeffrey Steele coaches them to come out of their shell a bit more, particularly the lead singer. They sing "Who Says You Can't Go Home," which was Bon Jovi's crossover country song. Again, I have to say that the harmonies are not all that tight. There are some okay moments, but it's not great. And the poor girl who's the lead singer looks extra awkward trying to rock out. John Rich tells them that it was a vast improvement over the last week, but that even though he thought the harmonies were good, the 17-year old sister frontperson needs to sell it. Jewel feels her on the awkwardness, and says that she should take dance lessons or something to help her become more physical. Jeffrey tells the other sisters to back her up a little bit. They all seem very sweet and smiley, which makes me feel bad for always thinking that they don't sound that good.

The next finalist to make it through is Tommy Stanley, the navy guy. Jewel tells him not to be so herky-jerky all the time as she mentors him. Tommy is going to sing "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." This is, in fact, truly a bold move, as John Rich 1) wrote this song; 2) performs this song; 3) is a dick under normal circumstances; 4) is likely to be especially dickish in this circumstance. Tommy comes out, and... I don't know. I don't feel like I can judge this song fairly, because it's so ridiculous. Tommy is as herky-jerky as ever, but maybe it's good? I can't even tell. Jeffrey Steele immediately says that Tommy is kissing John's ass, but that it's his best performance yet. Jewel tells Tommy not to rush his phrasing. John Rich thinks that maybe they can do a Tommy & Rich thing on the road. He says that Tommy has a lot of potential, then asks if there are any crushes happening on the show, and if any of the girl contestants want to ride a Tommy Stanley. He's so gross, but Shawn gets all nervous-looking so I think there is something to his inquiry.

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