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Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Third Town

We next learn that Gabe Garcia is safe. Jewel mentors him, and tells him to open up a bit more and engage the audience. She tells him that if he doesn't bring guts into his song, it's going to be boring. He needs to own the moment. On stage, Gabe sings, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain." He sounds great -- it's a really solid vocal performance. He doesn't use a ton of showmanship, but I don't know that he needs to. Jeffrey tells him that he still seems like a bit of a deer in headlights, but if he worries less about the band and the arrangement he'll have a good shot at winning. Jewel says that slow and steady wins the race, and that he looks like he had more fun tonight. John Rich tells him to turn his Texas on, because then the ladies will vote for him. From what I understand, turning Texas on is a vast waste of natural resources. John Rich hates the earth.

The next finalist to make it through is Shawn Mayer, the dark-haired pouty karaoke chick. She's ready to prove to John Rich that she's more than a bar singer. In her mentoring video, she tells John Rich that she wants to sing George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today." Oh, man, that's a good song, by a phenomenal singer. John Rich concurs, and basically thinks that Shawn Mayer is crazy for trying it (subtext: because she's not that good). But she doesn't want to play it safe. John says that if she pulls it off, she's going to go to a whole new level on this show and be someone to contend with. When she performs, I can't understand a fucking thing she's saying, but she definitely has some emotion going on. It's a good performance, but it doesn't blow you away. Jewel notes that Shawn was crying during the song, and asks how badly she wants this. Shawn is so thankful to be on the stage, and wants to kiss it every day. She is an emotional breakdown waiting to happen, and Jewel knows it. Jewel tells her that, from one girl to another, Shawn's challenge is going to be being forgiving of herself, and taking a load off, Fanny. Jeffrey wasn't sold on the performance. He says she was walking on sacred ground, and that she shouldn't sacrifice some of the greatest lyrics in country music to hit a Star Search note. Agreed. John Rich tells her that she tackled Mount Everest, and climbed about halfway up. She did good, not great, but he thinks there's greatness in her to come, and he commends her for taking on the challenge.

The next to make it through is Coffey. Oh, Third Town has to be a goner, right? They're just trying to make the big girl nervous. Coffey is excited to work with Jewel, and will be singing "Waiting for the World to Change" by John Mayer. Jewel's advice to Coffey is that singing a song is not about vocal gymnastics. It's about the soul that's in it. Excellent advice! Coffey's performance actually showcases some of the weaknesses of his voice, which is funny because this doesn't seem like that challenging of a song vocally. He looks pretty awkward too, which seems odd for such a smooth character. The performance fell a little flat for Jeffrey Steele. He loves Coffey's charisma, but when he closes his eyes he doesn't get it. John Rich goes into a treatise on the way Coffey says "world." He thinks Coffey has talent, but hasn't shown originality so far. Jewel thought that he was stiff and uncomfortable, and doesn't think that he brought soul to it. She hopes that he makes it one more week, though, so the world can see what he does on his own. Coffey still does cut a strapping figure.

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