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The next contestant to move on is Shawn Mayer. She'll be singing "Breathe" by Faith Hill. In her video, Shawn is ecstatic to see her family. John Rich has an itch on his face, which the editors want us to believe is a tear. Nice try. John thinks it's time for America to see the girl side of Shawn Mayer. Quoi? Is it just me who thinks she's always a total sex bomb? Shawn debates between singing "Imagine" and "Breathe." She runs it by her sister who thinks that "Breathe" is the natural choice. John and the rest of Shawn's family agree. We see Shawn getting a pedicure. Girly! And giggling at the musicians. Girly! And twirling around in her pretty green dress. Girly! Okay, we get it. Shawn sings and overall she sounds pretty good. She sure brings the emotion. And she looks so pretty... and girly! I do like her a whole lot. Jewel tells Shawn that she's always liked her raw emotionality. Is emotionality actually a word? I have a hard time believing it. ["I had a hard time believing it too... but spell check and seem to deem it a word." -- Angel] Jewel says that Shawn should work on her phrasing, because she's running out of breath. Jeffrey disagrees with Jewel, saying that he likes when Shawn runs out of breath because her voice gets smaller and less ambitious. It's true that she really overdoes it. Jeffrey thinks that she has a lot to work on, but did a good job this week. John Rich asks Shawn if she thinks she's been improving. Shawn thinks she has been. John says that they'll find out. He was impressed by the performance, but is worried because 1) the competition is stiff; 2) Shawn's kind of an emotional wreck. He adds that he was shocked at how well that came off.

Shawn's family wears Shawn Mayer t-shirts, and her dad wants America to know that she's 100% country. Her mom notes that Shawn's wanted to sing since she was a little girl. Haven't we all? Shawn's second song is "Forever and Ever Amen," which is my ultimate country music guilty pleasure. It's just so good. And it reminds me of car trips with my grandma. Shawn's 20-second version of it is so-so. When she ends she says, "God bless Randy Travis." What's up with Randy Travis? Is he ill? I mean, he always looks ill, but I just kind of thought that's just what his face was like. Wikipedia told me nothing, except for the fact that Randy Travis used to be a juvenile delinquent! And married the club manager who gave him his first job! It was actually kind of fascinating. Who knew? John Rich says that Shawn's performance just proved his point about her inconsistency. It's frustrating to see her nail one song, then buff another. He doesn't think she's competitive enough to take this thing all the way.

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