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Jewel's bull-riding boyfriend Ty Murray is in the audience. I bet those two are a very happy couple, which is nice to see. And then Blake Shelton sings his song entitled, "Home." Oh, it's the Michael Buble song! Was it necessary to remake that already? And if you ask my friend Kate, she will tell you that nothing can trump Elliott Yamin's performance of this very song on Idol. I feel like Willie Nelson could also do some damage with this song.

We next learn that Gabe Garcia is safe. In his video, he notes that his dad passed away recently. His family seems very sweet, and they assure us that Gabe really isn't shy. To prove this point, perhaps, he's going to sing "Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi. He's ready to rock out, and have his dad rock out from heaven, too. He performs, and while he doesn't convince me that he's a bad ass, he does convince me that he can saaaaaang. There was nary a note out of place. Jeffrey asks what the hard-core country folks are going to think to see him rocking out, and then tells Gabe that it was great. John Rich tells Gabe that watching him has been like watching paint dry thus far, but he was great and is the best male singer on the show. He still has to get more comfortable on stage, but overall it was a good job. Jewel wants Gabe to flirt with the audience. John Rich interprets this as Jewel wanting Gabe to flirt with her. Can you imagine actually having to, like, spend the night with John Rich? At the Ponderosa or whatever? Horrors.

Katie Cook interviews Gabe's brother and niece, both of whom are exceptionally proud. For his short second song, Gabe sings, "The Fireman" by George Strait. It's great. Gabe and Melissa Lawson in the final two! Jewel loves him, and John Rich adds that he can make hit country records all day long.

So, as you may have figured out, Alyson Gilbert and Laura & Sophie are in the bottom two. Each will perform one song, and whoever survives elimination will get to sing their second song. Alyson is up first singing Trisha Yearwood's "She's In Love with the Boy." We relive her going against John Rich's advice, and her giving him the finger afterwards. Whoa! Alyson sees her husband and her mom and seems pleasantly surprised for a moment before getting back to business. Alyson's mom ensures that the band and Alyson stick to John's vision. She's worried that it might be too little too late for Alyson. Alyson is so weird, because I think she totally has a voice, but can't manage not to biff it at some point during the song. There are some good moments, and then a lot of creepy eyes, and then some pitch monstrosities. Jewel notes that the eyeballs are back, and also tells Alyson that she needs to go away for a while and get some soul and some hurt. She doesn't feel anything, and also doesn't know what Alyson's head-trip is and why she isn't singing better. Jeffrey is in agreement. He says that Alyson has a beautiful voice, but he's disappointed in her performances. John Rich thinks that Alyson listened well to him, and that she has moments of brilliance. But moments don't make it at this level, and Alyson's not brilliant from beginning to end. It's too bad for her. I do think she's kind of a head case, too.

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