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Monday Evening, Coming Down

Next up is Third Town, a.k.a. Tony Toni Tone, Jr. This is the band with the punk rock looking guy in it. He's called "Little Toni." They've been working at this for 14 years, and say that they're the oldest in the competition. But they feel ageless onstage. And then they totally sing "Elvira"! I feel like I'm in third grade again, spending a Saturday night at grandma's place and watching The Barbara Mandrell Show. Only Little Toni plays guitar. The other two sing. One has a deep bass voice so can do the "Oom papa mow mow." It's all so-so. Jewel says that they need to figure out how to make them a modern act. John Rich asks who's the lead singer. They say they all are, and John Rich replies that that's a problem. They need a defined voice. Jeffrey feels like he's at the county fair. They need a defining sound. Third Town says that they'll give it to them. They mug as their call-in number is given, which is kind of annoying.

Coffey is up next. He intrigues me. He is a single dad with a single mission, says Billy Ray. His daughter is gorgeous. Coffey isn't looking forward to being away from his daughter for two and a half months, and knows that the stakes are high for him. He's giving it his all, plus some. He sings "Drift Away." Who knew it was such a big country hit? All the tarty ladies in the audience want a little Coffey in their cream. He's definitely hot. But whither the last name, Coffey? I liked the little bit of the performance they showed in the auditions better, but overall it was, as Randy Jackson says, "a'ight." John Rich loves him, though, and says he's the best of the night. Jeffrey heard some pitch issues. Jewel is incensed, and John Rich tells her that she's a little pitchy, herself. They argue, and Jewel ramps up her fake country accent to try to give herself a bit of an advantage. Coffey has a thing that Jeffrey loves, and Jeffrey tells him just to calm down a little bit and get in the pocket. Coffey can get in my pocket all he wants.

Next we have best friends Laura & Sophie. They're so young. It was them in the Von Trapp outfits! They really look like sisters. They don't really date or go out. They just sing. They're like the twins from The Shining, all grown up. They may be the youngest people there, but they've worked just as hard as everyone else, if not harder, they say. And then they totally bust out with "Stand By Your Man!" And, I mean, they sound pretty good, but it's a little creepy seeing two teenagers in matching babydoll dresses singing "Stand By Your Man," right? Jeffrey thinks their singing was great, and John Rich can't even come up with a single criticism. Jewel tells them to work the stage and crowd. Kudos all around!

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