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Three Wheeler

All Rayna Jaymes's men are freaking out! Teddy is foremost among them. He's outlawed music in the city of Nashville, just so Maddie can't go to her guitar lesson with Deacon. But then she goes to Deacon's anyway, and Teddy practically bangs the door down and hauls her off. While all this is happening, he's a total dick to Deacon, as per usual. Teddy forbids Maddie from taking more lessons with Deacon AND from attending the live-streamed Luke Wheeler concert in which Deacon is also playing. Rayna gives him some grief for that, because at that very concert (in which she's also playing) she plans to introduce the girls to Luke's 16-year old Bieber-esque son, Colt. Teddy relents, on the condition that he can haul the girls off as soon as Rayna walks offstage. Backstage at the show, Colt thinks he's too cool for Maddie and Daphne until he hears them sing while playing patty-cake, which supplies the "sick beats" that he's accustomed to. He puts a video of them on his homepage (because he's some sort of weird pseudo-celebrity), which makes Rayna freak out (not in a good way).

Meanwhile, Colt has discovered the video that Maddie uploaded under the name of "Maddie Claybourne," and shown it to Luke. Luke is then really pissed at the realization that Deacon is Maddie's dad, even though he and Rayna have been dating for ten minutes and that happened fourteen years ago. Seriously, what is his problem? He's even a dick to Deacon, after he brings Deacon and Will onstage for a "Three Wheeler" (Ménage à Wheel a Trois?) that Gunnar co-wrote. And really, Deacon gets all the credit in that number for being the only guy not wearing a cowboy hat (even if he is wearing a Canadian tuxedo). Anyway, first Rayna freaks out at Maddie (with love!) and asks her to take the video down. Maddie seems to agree, but it's probably too late given that she also told Colt that Teddy isn't her real dad. And then Luke asks Rayna if she's sorted out her whole thing with Deacon. She talks about Deacon's demons, and acknowledges that they have a daughter and a history together. But she wants Luke to be her present and future. He thinks -- THINKS! -- that he can get past the whole thing, but says they both need a minute to figure things out. This is tough talk from a guy who named his kid after a malt liquor beverage.

Oh yeah, and also Deacon finds out that Megan and her creepy stalker Teddy slept together. He punches a wall instead of Teddy's face, which can't be good for his hand. He also packs up all his stuff and tells Megan he's done being saved. And if he goes off the wagon again, I swear I will be ruined. Ruined!

Meanwhile, Rayna's single hasn't been doing so great, largely due to her association with Juliette. She tells Juliette to get out on tour and win back some fans, and we learn that Scarlett is Juliette's new opener. This seems less like a favor to Rayna, and more of a way to keep an eye on Scarlett while she works on her album with Avery. Scarlett, of course, complains about her lot of easy, fast, unparalleled success, but doesn't seem to mind all the time she gets to write backstage with Avery. Juliette DOES mind that, however, particularly when Avery misses one of her best performances ever because he's working on another sensitive ballad with squirrelly Scarlett. Juliette tells Scarlett that she needs to deliver on tour and bring some spark to the party, and also not to play her new downer song. In response, Scarlett takes one of her magic pills and plays her new downer song. Juliette seems like she's furious, and Scarlett confesses that she wants to be fired from the tour because she hates it. But then Juliette tells her that her sensitivity and raw nerve are going to make her great. They discuss it more at the afterparty, at which Scarlett gets wasted. Juliette also wonders if she's high, but Avery doesn't think that's possible. And then Juliette admits to Avery that she's terrified because he totally has her heart, and he vows to never hurt her… but also she's got to cool it with the jealousy.

In other news, Will is intent on marrying Layla despite the fact that everyone they know thinks it's a terrible idea. Gunnar is chief among the doubters, for obvious reasons, but Jeff also gets a piece of that action. He finds the sudden engagement to be suspicious, and straight up asks Gunnar if Will is gay. Gunnar says that Will gets more tail than a rabbit hunter, which is technically true. And then Will convinces Layla to marry him that night, and swears that he'll be a good, decent husband. To Gunnar, maybe, eventually? Dare to dream!





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