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Charlie gets a phone call. He doesn't know who is calling or why, but the mystery man promises that this will be the first of "several" calls. Good, more phone calls! That's exactly what this show needs. Charlie is either drunk or Sam Waterston can't enunciate anymore, as he informs both his caller and us who Deep Throat is and how it's a "sacred pseudonym." Mystery Man refuses to tell Charlie his real name, saying "call me 'Late for Dinner'" and says that he is trying (if he can ever get a word in with Charlie interrupting him all the time) to establish his credibility with Charlie. He says Charlie will get an email in about 90 minutes from the White House press secretary calling him into work. And when that happens, Charlie will know that Late for Dinner is legit. Instead of thanking the guy for the possible heads-up, Charlie lectures him on withholding information when someone could be in danger. No, Charlie. That kind of stuff only happens on good shows that are exciting and fun to watch. With that, Late for Dinner hangs up on Charlie, who either has the stubbiest fingers I've ever seen on a non-dwarf adult or my TV screen settings have been changed to stretchy mode.

Charlie heads back inside, where we find out he's at big party at Will's place! Unfortunately, someone invited MacKenzie, who nags Will to make a little speech. Will would rather not. He doesn't have a choice. Somehow, against his will, he's been made to throw a party in his apartment for his horrible employees on a Sunday night and now he has to talk to them. Will says this is "just like in [his] nightmares." Like, don't think you're so special there, Will. I too have nightmares concerning people on this show. Like all this week I had these recurring dreams where I really, really wanted to watch the Olympics but I can't because I have to recap this show instead. Terrifying!

While Rodney Dangerfield Guy (wearing his best casual duds) looks on, Will says this party is in honor of the new NewsNight's one year and one week anniversary. They couldn't even get an anniversary party right. I'll bet Maggie planned this. Or MacKenzie. Whoever it was, you can bet she was female. A bunch of idiots clap and raise their glasses to "NewsNight 2.0," which has yet to be not lame and Will says they're probably on NewsNight 174.0 by now. "I'm confident we're gonna get it right one of these days," he adds. I'm not so confident.

Neal, Kendra, Gary Cooper, Martin, Tess and Julie Cooper play Celebrity. Julie Cooper thinks Christian Bale is an Australian woman who starred in the Spiderman franchise. Tess thinks she's really cool when she informs Julie Cooper that Christian Bale is "English." He's not. He's Welsh. I mean, he was born in Wales, but his parents were English and he was raised in England. So maybe he is English? Best to go with "British." All-encompassing. I only know all of this because my roommate is an avid Christian Bale fan.

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