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Will can't figure out how to tie his tie. Also, Geraldo is on Fox telling everyone the news has something to do with Gaddafi. Will tells MacKenzie that he'll go on the air real quick to tell everyone that it isn't Libya. MacKenzie says that sounds like a good idea. So good that Will repeats himself. And that's when MacKenzie realizes there's something wrong with Will. "I'm wasted, okay? I'm completely baked!" he admits. MacKenzie is understandably horrified. She says there's no way they can put Will on the air like this, no matter how many men he thinks he has the tolerance of. "There is no way -- no way -- I'm not reporting this story," Will says. MacKenzie nods. No, nope... don't you nod. You do not let a guy like that on the air. "We got Obama!" Will cheers. MacKenzie kind of sobs. Will hurriedly corrects himself: "bin Laden!" He is full of Vicodin and pot cookies. What was Fox's excuse?

On the plane, Dr. Dr. Sloan says she just got first confirmation -- something saying "enemy killed in action."

Will goes on the air to tell the world that Obama will not address them until 11 PM now. He throws it back to Jane and manages not to embarrass himself or the network. MacKenzie meets him in the hallway afterwards and says that Dr. Dr. Sloan just called in with the first confirmation from some guy in Tampa. Jim screams that they just got the second confirmation: Helene Cooper at The New York Times is reporting that bin Laden is dead. MacKenzie calls Jim, Will and Maggie (???) into the meeting room to ask Charlie if they now have enough to report that bin Laden is dead. Charlie is willing to believe that bin Laden is dead, but not to let Will report it. He says Helene Cooper claims she has two sources, but Charlie isn't willing to trust her or them apparently. "There's nothing wrong with waiting for the White House to tell us it's reportable," Charlie says. If that's the case... why did they leave the party at all? They could have stayed until five minutes to 11 if all they needed to do was show the address. Why bother with all of this?

Charlie explains his reluctance to report the news. You see, in 1991, Charlie oversaw a reporter who told his audience where Scud missiles were landing in Tel Aviv. The Iraqis used that information to aim other missiles and three people were killed and 96 others injured. It's all Charlie's fault! He's a murderer! Maggie makes a frowny face. "We're going to get this one right," Charlie insists, even if they report it two minutes later than everyone else. Um, at this point, Helene Cooper reported it like 15 minutes ago, so... you're already too late. MacKenzie, Jim and Maggie tell Charlie they agree with him. Will just has a dopey smile on his face.

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