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Charlie will report the bin Laden news to the newsroom and happily. But first, a speech: "I need to tell you that you're going to remember this night for the rest of your lives. It's going to be a long night and we need you to work fast (why? They're not reporting anything) and we need you to work well (but Maggie works there still, so... ). But once in a while, take three seconds -- you can't spare more than that (because this speech just ate up any and all free time you might have had) -- take three seconds to notice where you are and what you're doing (in a newsroom that won't report the news). Will's gonna go on the air in a few minutes so that we can report that on the order of the President of the United States, U.S. Special Forces shot and killed Osama bin Laden."

And then the newsroom erupts in applause and cheers. That's kind of gross. You know who wants people to die? Osama bin Laden. You aren't that much better than him when you burst into applause because he's dead. I mean, you are better than him because he's a horrible murderer, but being this gleeful and congratulatory over someone's death is pretty unseemly and doesn't really tell the truth about people's reactions. There were plenty of happy people and there were cheers, but there were also people who urged us to tone it down a bit. The only people who don't look thrilled are Kendra and Kaylee.

I don't know what Kendra's deal was, but Kaylee makes her way out to the balcony. Jim finds her there, followed by Neal. Neal is still bouncing up and down in delight over bin Laden's death. Jim asks Kaylee why she isn't happy right now. Kaylee ignores him and tells Neal she thought she would "feel better" when bin Laden died, but she doesn't. It turns out that her father died in 9/11. Wow, her dad died in one terrorist attack and Neal almost died in another? This is one couple with terrible luck and a personal connection to every news event ACN covers. Meanwhile, Jim might want to back off and give Kaylee and Neal some space. He doesn't.

Jane in D.C. is kind of furious that Charlie is making them wait to report. "We are the only ones who have double confirmation!" she says. Um, no -- the New York Times does too, and reported this, like, three weeks ago at this point. Jane demands to go on the air with the news, accusing MacKenzie of holding back so Will can deliver the news instead. "I don't want it reported like the Redskins won the Super Bowl!" says the woman who just led her entire office in a round of applause for bin Laden being dead. Jane says she will not wait on this and picks up the phone to her reporter. He starts talking about how he "just received confirmation," so MacKenzie orders the control room guy to cut the feed. And ACN just went off the air. It's color bars. Everyone else is reporting that bin Laden is dead and ACN is color bars. MacKenzie thinks this is funny. No one is watching ACN at this point. After about 30 seconds, MacKenzie has the feed restored. She tells Jane that if she tries that again, she'll be off the air for the rest of the night. She might as well be, since she's not doing anything worth watching. "The announcement will be made by the face and voice of Atlantis Cable News: Will McAvoy," MacKenzie says, as if she's won something.

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