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Don likens himself to "the guy who wins the lottery and loses the ticket." Because he can't help produce the pre-presidential address news segment? YOUR JOB IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT. He calls this the "biggest story in a generation." Uh... no. That would be the thing bin Laden did 10 years ago, probably. "I'm just a spectator," Don moans. Yes, you are. You would have been anyway. Elliot tries to remain positive, which Don does not appreciate. "I can never count on you to be Jewish," Don says. He whines that he wants to be in the newsroom right now with Charlie and Will and other people. He does not say Maggie's name, which both Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan's neighbor notice. The neighbor wonders what will happen after Don and Maggie break up -- which neighbor is certain is going to happen -- and Jim is with someone else.

Don doesn't get a chance to answer, because everyone else on the plane suddenly got text messages saying that Obama is going to address the nation and now they're worried there was another terrorist attack. They pump Don for information until he takes off his seatbelt and stands up to make an announcement to all of them. He doesn't use the PA to do so, so I'm sure half the plane can't hear him. He assures the cabin that no one is in danger and then Bernice wakes up and tells Don not to "take over control of the cabin." Don gets pissy, so she tells on him to the captain.

Don rants that he'd love to talk to the captain because Bernice is being paranoid thinking that he's trying to take control of the airplane. The captain walks out with the co-captain behind him and asks Don what his problem is. Don suddenly stops talking and looks at the captain's uniform. Then, sounding much less angry and slightly ashamed, he introduces himself to the captain and says he works for ACN and wanted the captain, his first officer and "flight attendant crazy lady" to know that the United States just killed Osama bin Laden "for you." I mean, the actor who plays Don does a great job of trying to sell this cheese, but it's still cheese. Oh, and then the captain turns around and shakes hands with his first officer while Bernice gasps, then hugs them. This is the kind of reaction one might have to being told that his wife just gave birth, but on this show, it's because someone died. And now Don is satisfied because he got to report the news to three people.

Jim wants to talk to Lisa. He admits that he started seeing her because it was "a fix-up [he] didn't want" and that Maggie forced him to behave the way he did on Valentine's Day but... he wants to try again. "Complete do-over. I like you and I'm asking you out on a date," he says. Great, they can just drag this storyline out even more.

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