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Terry Crews finally makes it into ACN, those two police officers with nothing better to do in tow. Also, he's furious with Will. But he also needs Will to tell the cops that he's Will's bodyguard. They'll believe what big goofy white guy Will says, but not what Terry Crews says. Will says Terry Crews is also a former military policeman and thus should hear the great news. Will whispers something in his ear and Terry Crews' mood lifts considerably while Will grins like an idiot. He tells Terry Crews to tell the cops. "Officers, I have some news for you," Terry Crews says.

Charlie gets a call from a private number. It's Late for Dinner again. I hope they change his name. Late for Dinner makes me hungry. Charlie guesses he works for the NSA. LfD says he does and that he's been monitoring "illegal electronic surveillance." And AWM is guilty of it. Apparently, TMI is hacking phones. LfD says he'll call back some other time and hangs up on Charlie. Ooh. Intrigue.

MacKenzie and Will walk in. MacKenzie whines that she wants to report that bin Laden is dead. The White House hasn't told them that it's okay to report it, but as she points out, it hasn't said it's not okay, either. Charlie says he hasn't gotten any emails from the White House. Will hasn't checked his email in ages, due to being stoned. He does... slowly... and sees an email from 20 minutes ago that says "OBL" is "reportable" and to "knock 'em dead just like we did." It's from Joe Biden. Charlie screams. Will shrugs that he was on a softball team with Biden once, so they are BFFs, which is how ACN does the news. "GET ON THE AIR!" Charlie orders.

The newsroom springs back into action. Charlie accuses Will of being "Ted Baxter." "Enjjooooyy the mommmmeennntttt," Will says.

Tess decides to give Will a few last-minute notes to glance at while he's reporting on camera: "Obama good" and "Osama bad." "Good thinkin'!" Will tells her. I hope the viewers at home can't see those giant pieces of paper on Will's desk.

One of the guys in the control room whips his FDNY baseball cap out of the desk drawer and puts it on. Really now? Oh, and that wasn't cheesy enough so he stands at attention too. Such a big important moment this is, turning the feed on so Will can tell people that bin Laden is dead 30 seconds before the president does. The rest of the control room, followed by the newsroom, follow the guy's lead and stand too.

"Do it for me, Will," MacKenzie says. Yeah, for you. MacKenzie. Not for the airplane captains or Kaylee or the guy wearing the FDNY cap. For MacKenzie.

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