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And he does. ACN really lucks out and Will manages to not seem totally wasted when he reports that "the world" no longer has any reason to fear Osama bin Laden. Um... I'm pretty sure there are certain parts of the world that never feared him. America is not the world. Will recaps that almost 10 years ago, bin Laden masterminded the death of thousands of people and transformed the nation into a "more fearful" and "more hostile" one. Meanwhile, Will is stoned out of his mind, so this speech just isn't going to have the same seriousness and impact that Sorkin probably thought it should. Will then concludes by saying that this will be among America's "finest hours." And then he throws it to Obama, who walks up to the podium to give his speech. Which means that Will finally delivered this "news" like an hour after everyone else did.

And then Obama gives a speech that is much better than Will's could ever be.

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