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Kaylee is so good at Guitar Hero that she can beat Jim at it while blindfolded. Whatever, Kaylee! I'm sure Will was better at Guitar Hero than you when he was a fetus. Kaylee asks Neal to check why her phone is buzzing. He says it's her "incoming Twitter feeds." Really? How does that work? My phone doesn't alert me when people tweet unless they're tweeting at ME (which everyone should: @saramorrison). Anyway, the latest tweets on Kaylee's Twitter feed are: a link to epic photographs, Steve Martin not being as funny as he once was (I'm sorry, but it's true) and The Rock being very patriotic about some news he just heard. Kaylee thinks that means The Rock is returning to the WWE to defeat Triple H. Charlie watches all of this without looking as bored as a 70-year-old man should look at a party full of vapid 20 and 30-somethings (and MacKenzie and Will and Rodney Dangerfield).

Having lost at Guitar Hero, Jim retires to Will's office with his laptop to do some work. Maggie finds him there. It turns out that Jim isn't working, but watching a baseball game. Then Roommate Lisa calls him. On his laptop instead of his phone. Is that what all the kids are doing these days? Not me! No one needs or wants to see what I look like. It's bad enough that they have to listen to my voice. Maggie urges Jim to take the call, but he declines. So Maggie nags him and then accepts the call for him. Roommate Lisa is using FaceTime to talk to Jim even though she's walking down the street and talking to him on the phone would be much easier and make more sense. Sure enough, Lisa walks into some guy because she isn't paying attention. Women R dumm.

Lisa asks Jim why he's online when he's supposed to be at a party. Jim has to explain that he was using his computer to work. "Watch some porn," Maggie "jokes." But Lisa guesses that Jim is actually watching baseball, because she is obviously a better match for him than horrible Maggie is. Lisa listens to Jim. Maggie just yells at him. And for no reason, Lisa decides to "try out" her "new expression," which is "it's a gas." No one who is younger than Charlie would ever say that. Lisa says she'll be at the party "in a minute." "I love you!" she says. "I do too," Jim says awkwardly and hangs up. Maggie's eyes bug out and her smile turns into a sneer. She assumes that Jim does not love Lisa. Jim explains that Lisa said she loved him for the first time last night and he felt like he had no choice but to return the favor. He says he "likes" Lisa, because she's nice and funny and sexy. Basically, everything Maggie is not. But he doesn't love her. And he thinks his response to Lisa was simply agreeing with her and saying he loves himself. "I look in the mirror and I like what I see. And I've been on a journey of self-discovery to answer the question, 'Who is Jim Harper?'" Why go on a journey for that? The answer is, obviously, Jim Halpert.

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