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"Shut up!" Maggie says to her boss. Jim has no choice but to pout and look at the floor and do whatever Maggie tells him to. Actually, no, wait -- he does have a choice. He could fire her! But he doesn't. Instead, he agrees to break up with Lisa as soon as possible. Wow, Maggie is really looking out for her roommate here. She truly is the worst friend/roommate/associate producer/human being. "She's not that sexy," Maggie frowns. "Yes, she is," Jim says. "Because of her sweet face?" Maggie asks. Bitch. Maggie starts to say something else, but Jim interrupts her because he just got an email from Mike Tapley saying "I'm available. Call me." Maggie just keeps going about how Lisa isn't all that sexy. Jim snaps his fingers at her like she's a pet dog whose attention he's trying to get and reminds her that Tapley is ACN's national security analyst. He asks Maggie to figure out what Tapley is on about while he checks in with MacKenzie. "Do not take a tone with me, American Gigolo," says the woman who thinks it's cool to date her former boss while pining after her current boss, who she fixed up with her roommate that she is now demanding he dump.

"Sing more!" MacKenzie asks Jim when he tries to talk to her about Tapley. Jim tells MacKenzie what the email said and her reaction is, of course, "Why is he hitting on both of us?" Even senile drunk Charlie knows that's not what's happening. "He's not hitting on either one of you. He's saying he's available to go on the air." Jim and MacKenzie didn't get phone calls from Late for Dinner, so they don't know why Tapley would go on the air. Charlie checks his watch and tells them all will be revealed shortly. Sure enough, everyone's phone beeps as an email from the White House tells him to "get to work." Is that really what the White House sends out? How abrupt. Charlie's is a little bit more polite, simply saying that the President will address the country at 10:30 EST "on a matter of national security."

Charlie walks up to Kaylee and awkwardly claps his hands on her shoulders. "What's wrong?" she asks, looking terrified. Charlie asks if The Rock has a cousin who is a Navy SEAL. Kaylee follows The Rock on Twitter and so knows all about him. She re-reads his tweet and guesses, again, that he's talking about Triple H. But Charlie knows better and that The Rock has the inside scoop on matters of national security. He tells the room to shut up and Will to turn the music off. Will asks Martin to throw him the remote. Martin does. It flies past Will's head, out the window and plummets to its death. "Martin! Throw me the remote!" Will repeats. No one seems to think this is as weird as you'd expect.

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