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Neal turns the music down manually and Charlie says it's time to go to work because the president is going to address the nation in 90 minutes, so they have 30 minutes to figure out why. While the underlings pack up to go to work, MacKenzie, Charlie and Will try to guess what's going on. "I think we got bin Laden," Charlie says. Wow, isn't he just the man with these correct predictions made over a year after the actual event happened?

Terry Crews has to escort Will to work because that storyline is still happening. Lisa finally appears just as everyone is leaving. "Can I come watch?" Lisa asks. Sure she can! It's not like ACN is a place of work or anything.

By the way, in case you were wondering where Dr. Dr. Sloan, Don and Elliot are, they're on a plane heading back to New York from D.C., where they apparently just had an informative weekend conference with a bunch of people who you wouldn't expect to be working on a weekend. Don spent the entire time talking about Maggie, including to Timothy Geithner, who asked Dr. Dr. Sloan when Don would "shut up about Maggie." Geithner is correct. Don should shut up about Maggie. Everyone should. Now she's terrorizing D.C. without having to be there. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she was embarrassed by this, especially since it came "right after [she] accidentally set him on fire." Oh, of course. It totally makes sense that Geithner (or anyone) would react to getting set on fire by asking the person who set him on fire why her co-worker keeps talking about Maggie.

Dr. Dr. Sloan also scolds Don for turning his phone on when the plane hasn't landed yet. Don says he always turns his phone on when the plane hits 500 feet. Really? Either have it on the entire time or don't. Turning it on right when the pilots probably need the navigation system cell phones supposedly mess with is such a fuck you move. Elliot says he's only turning his phone on because he saw someone else do it. Dr. Dr. Sloan asks the guy sitting next to Don (for some reason, Elliot and Don are in the window and middle seat, some guy is on the aisle and Dr. Dr. Sloan is in the middle seat of the row across from them. Nice job, ACN flight bookers) to take his phone away because he's going to get everyone killed. Don informs the plane that he is not trying to get them killed and that Dr. Dr. Sloan can't talk since she set the Treasury Secretary on fire. Everyone on the plane must be so happy it's about to land so he doesn't have to listen to this anymore. Also because it's kind of scary when someone says someone else is endangering people's lives on a plane.

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