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Dr. Dr. Sloan's neighbor asks her why she set Geithner on fire. "To show the other cabinet secretaries that I could," she says. And with that awesomeness, the plane touches down and the flight attendant gets on the PA to welcome everyone to LaGuardia. Where was that flight attendant when Don was willfully disobeying the cell phone rule? Meanwhile, karma just bit him in the ass because his phone is out of batteries. He asks Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan to check if there's anything important he missed. Elliot's daughter emailed him to ask if he's the smartest man in the entire world. Dr. Dr. Sloan got a message from a fan asking her to please "be a lady" and button her top button and/or spill water all over her blouse. Finally, both Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan see the email about the White House press conference. Don asks his neighbor to switch seats with Dr. Dr. Sloan so they can talk about it. The neighbor only agrees to do so if Dr. Dr. Sloan gives him "a chance." Even though he looks all of 18 years old and clearly does not have a chance with her. Dr. Dr. Sloan is not about to give him any chances, but he agrees to switch with her anyway.

OR NOT! Since the flight attendant was listening this entire time and refuses to allow the guy or Dr. Dr. Sloan to remove their seat belts and stand up to switch seats before the plane arrives at the gate, as per federal law or airplane rules or something. Dr. Dr. Sloan tosses Don the phone as the captain gets on the PA and announces that because they're 10 minutes early, the airport doesn't have a gate open for them. Don groans and tells the kid to switch with Dr. Dr. Sloan now. Flight attendant Bernice (I don't know her name, so I decided to go with something out of that '50s baby name book Sorkin uses) is not having that. Even though the plane is now stopped, it is not at a gate, so no one is allowed to get up. "This is a bit of an emergency," Don says. Is it? Talking to Dr. Dr. Sloan about the news is a "bit of an emergency" now? I think that falls under "something I want to do at this moment in time." Not an "emergency." Bernice reminds Don of FAA rules. We find out that the kid's name is Lester. WHO IS NAMED LESTER UNDER THE AGE OF 75? Don says that he would like to "apply logic" here and let Lester switch with Dr. Dr. Sloan, since there's no way anything bad could happen to him or anyone else on the plane if he were to stand up. Bernice does not appreciate his tone.

Elliot moans that no one is answering his phone. Don figures their co-workers are on the subway. He demands to be let off the plane. "If you knew what we know... you'd be behind us and they'd be behind us and I think later on tonight you're gonna be saying 'I wish I'd been more cooperative to that passenger,'" Don says. I'm sorry, but no, she won't. "Damn, if only I'd let that news producer off the plane to produce the news because he's the only person capable of broadcasting the news on the only channel on television and also there is no Internet!" is something she will not be saying. Bernice basically tells Don to stop before she presses charges. Even Elliot thinks it's time to just sit back and be patient and he got beaten up in Cairo like a real newsman.

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