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Will is stuck in traffic, calling someone on one phone and checking his email on another. Will's attempt to get information goes awry, however, when he forgets how to count past two. What is he, Maggie? Terry Crews urges Will to "sit tight." "I'm gonna run. I can run fast," Will says. True. He was a gold medalist in the 100 meters at age seven. Terry Crews orders him not to leave the car without him. Will unbuckles the seatbelt and takes off. "Motherfucker!" Terry Crews screams after him. Oops! The two police officers didn't see the stoned white guy running around, but they did catch Terry Crews screaming in the middle of the road. "I'm private security!" Terry Crews says. Yeah. They don't care. "Turn around and put your hands on the car!" Police One says. "I'm gonna kill him," Terry Crews mutters. You'd think he would know better than to say things like that. Police Two pats Terry Crews down and asks him not to do anything that would make them "nervous." Terry Crews points out that he can't control the fact that he's big and black.

Maggie, Jim, Lisa and Kaylee arrive at ACN. Maggie gives them a brief tour of the newsroom as if they've never been there before and then gets lost in thought trying to remember what food is in the kitchen. So stupid. So stupid. So stupid.

MacKenzie enters the control room, where the crew is setting up and "warming up" the studio. It takes 15 minutes to do this, they say. Uh... good thing ACN doesn't cover things like breaking news that can happen at any moment and so can afford to have 15 minutes of warm-up time like this. The old guy in the control room says they're going with the feed from their D.C. anchor until Will gets in. MacKenzie warns them not to let the D.C. anchor give away any cool news because that's Will's job.

MacKenzie then heads into the meeting room and asks what they know they know so far. The answer is nothing. But wait! Tess knows that the networks are interrupting their programming for the President's address as well, which, as Kendra explains, means a big loss of ad money. "It's bin Laden," Gary Cooper says. Charlie reminds them that they shouldn't just keep assuming that it's bin Laden just because they want it to be. Did people really think it was bin Laden like this at the time? I remember being pretty shocked that after all this time they found him. It would definitely not have been on my list of possibilities. Then again, if I was thinking about it a year after the whole thing actually happened, I can see how I would be pretty sure it was about bin Laden.

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